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NEW Pridance 27 EUR
Jazz Pants
Italian, stylish jazz pants, suitable for lessons and performance. Available in Black.  
NEW Pridance 26 EUR Special order
Women's Leggings with Net
Italian, stylish leggings for women with net. Available in Black. Contact us about the availability
Pridance 15 EUR
Women's Seamless Shorts
Classic and essential pair of seamless shorts. A nice dance accessory, when worn over a leotard or tights, it allows ease of ...
Pridance 13 EUR
Convertible Ballet Tights
Convertible ballet tights, 40 Deniers. Classic and essential.  Available in Pink Material: Microfiber
Pridance 13 EUR
Women's Footless Dance Tights
Footless dance tights, 60 Deniers. Available in Black Material: 85%polyamide,15%elastan  
Pridance 15 EUR
Convertible Ballet Tights 60 Den
Convertible 60 Denier Ballet Tights. Suitable for ballet practice, rehearsals and performance.  Available in Pink Material: ...
Pridance 11 EUR
Girls' Ballet Tights
Classic ballet tights for girls.  Available in Pink
Pridance 12 EUR
Women's Ballet Tights
Essential footed ballet tights, 40 Deniers. Super comfortable and classic.  Available in Pink Material: 85% Nylon/15% ...
‒23% Pridance 22 EUR 17 EUR
Professional Fishnet Tights with Sole
Proffesional fishnet tights with microfiber insole. Suitable for latin dances and performance. Available in: Black, Amber ...
Pridance 22 EUR
Legwarmers 70cm
Leg warmers, 70cm long. Keep those ballet legs warm and stay stylish with those essential leg warmers! Available in Black ...