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Bags&Cases 13 EUR
Pointe Shoe Case
This Tendu pointe bag is a strong protective shoe case which has breathable mesh side panels to allow your pointe or soft ballet ...
Bags&Cases 10.8 EUR
Case for Pointe Shoes
Case to keep your pointe and soft ballet shoes safe. Now available only in Yellow and Red!  Size: 31 х 8 х 8 см ...
Bags&Cases 7 EUR
Grishko Bag
A stylish handbag made of eco-friendly, non-woven fabric with Grishko's logo. Recyclable.
Bags&Cases 28 EUR
Senior Ballet Bag
This bag is ideal for dancers who like lots of pockets in their dance bags.  Comes in Black with Silver Dancer design and ...
NEW Bags&Cases 4.5 EUR
Tendu pointe shoe bag
This Tendu pointe bag is made by breathable mesh fabric to allow your pointe or soft ballet shoes to dry out properly after and ...
Bags&Cases 49 EUR
Case for Tutu
A marvelous light and comfortable tutu case with a Grishko logo. Ideal for long journeys. It’s 110cm in diameter and you ...
Bags&Cases 45 EUR
Tutu Bag
Perfect and simple solution to carry and store your tutus by Tendu. It has a pocket outside. Holds up to 4 tutus.Nylon with carry ...
Bags&Cases 48 EUR
Grishko Backpack
Stylish backpack with Grishko logo on it.  Available in Rasberry and Black
Bags&Cases 42 EUR
Backpack Grishko
A stylish backback with a subtle Grishko logo on it.  Available in Black
Bags&Cases 48 EUR
Travel bag Grishko
Travel bag with subtle Grishko logo on it. Available in Blue and Black