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Polette collection By R-class

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The Polette collection is one of the oldest collections of the brand. The two models, Polette and Grande, still remain unique and popular among dancers all over the world. 

You can find out the detailed description of the collection in our blog article: Classic and Polette Collections by R-class: oldies but goldies


Polette collection By R-class 75 EUR
POLETTE by R-Class
The Polette model is recommended for feet with “disappearing heel”. It has a broad and stable platform and a roomy ...
Polette collection By R-class 75 EUR
GRANDE by R-Class
The model "GRANDE" from the Classic Collection by R-class is on of the widest and "squarest" models of the brand - a really nice ...
Polette collection By R-class 75 EUR
POLETTE PRO by R-class
The Polette PRO model is a great solution for those hyperflexible and square feet. It has a shorter s/4 sole which lets the ...