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Tools&Tricks For: 40 EUR
Attachable Arch Enhancer
The attachable arch enhancer is a sock with a stitched in “pocket” having a special inner pad made of medically ...
NEW Tools&Tricks For: 20 EUR
Skate Spinner
If you are looking for a way to improve your pirouettes, this fantastic tool is here for you! Designed for artistic skating, this ...
NEW Tools&Tricks For: 28 EUR
Maxi-Skate-Spinner- Improving our Pirouettes
Improve your pirouettes with this tool and make the workout seem like a game! If you have difficulty in making your pirouettes ...
NEW Tools&Tricks For: 25 EUR
Big Spinner
Improve your pirouettes with this new tool! This Spinner, which was originally used to help with skating, is our favorite ...
‒30% Tools&Tricks For: 30 EUR 21 EUR
Pirouette Wood Board
This 100% handmade and eco-friendly item will become your essential tool for improving pirouette technique, practicing the ...
Tools&Tricks For: 35 EUR
Tendu Stretch Loop
Seamless and strong purple strech loop. A continuous loop for hands-free stretching, Long enough to suit most average height ...
Tools&Tricks For: 10 EUR
Tendu Latex Exercise Band
These latex resistance bands are used by dancers of all levels to target specific areas of the body that need ...
‒30% Tools&Tricks For: 65 EUR 45.5 EUR
Arch Exerciser Device
This arch exerciser device strengthens your foot arch and toes. It will gives relief from sore feet by ...
Tools&Tricks For: 6 EUR
Massage ball
The massage ball is designed to massage muscles, stimulate circulation and relieve tension. This robust massage ball ...
Tools&Tricks For: 32 EUR
Wooden Balance Board
The Wooden Balance Board is designed to improve ankle control, balance and core stability. Use the Board for rehabilitation ...
NEW Tools&Tricks For: 10 EUR
Massage Roll
This foot roller is an exercise tool based on the principles of reflexology. It is perfect for arch enhancing and for ...
NEW Tools&Tricks For: 9 EUR
Tendu Foot Exercise Ball
The Tendu Foot Exercise Ball is a great tool to strengthen the dancer's feet and improve their arches, their dance ...
Tools&Tricks For: 10 EUR
Tendu Rock Rosin, 125gr
Rock Rosin helps for greater grip on the dance floor before pointe work. Use it to avoid unfortunate stage slips!
NEW Tools&Tricks For: 12 EUR Special order
Tendu exercise ball
This small exercise ball by Tendu is an excellent tool for muscle strengthening. Comes deflated with a user guide for ...
NEW Tools&Tricks For: 10 EUR
Tendu foot roller
This wooden foot roller by Tendu is an exercise tool based on the principles of reflexology. It is perfect for arch ...