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About us

The Pointe Shoe Experts: Let us Help you with Fitting and Deliver your Perfect Pointe Shoes!

The Pointe Shoe Experts is a new kind of specialized pointe shoe online retailer based on one simple idea: for every dancer in the world, to find her - or his - “secret weapon” in properly fitted pointe shoes.

Its unique Free Online Fitting Service makes it stand out in a ballet world.

We believe that knowing what makes you unique powers your dance skills!

The idea

My name is Inna-Tatiana and I am a desperate ballet enthusiast. I started this project back in 2008, when I got pregnant and missed my ballet lessons so much. I launched as a one-woman show, with a dozen pairs of Grishko pointe shoes, after getting my first fitting knowledge. In a very short moment, I found out there was a very little concern about proper pointe shoe fitting, within dance schools and even dance stores.

The mission

That’s how the goal of empowering dancers to find their Perfect Pointe shoe pair for their specific foot shape was born. We are the first company to fit ballet dancers into their favorite pointe shoes with a free online fit quiz - and to recognize that there’s so much more to fit than the size of the shoe.

The team

Together with a team of intrepid women (and men!) we are changing the way ballet things are chosen, shopped for and danced in. All of us are "ballet nerds" who can talk for hours about pointe shoe models differences, arch exercises, and leotard necklines. Please make us lots of questions about all this stuff and you will make us happy!


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The customers

Why our customers choose us? Why buy ballet stuff overseas, why wait for one, two or more weeks, why risk with the sizing? There are at least five types of our customers for whom it's all definitely worth it.

  1. Pointe shoe beginners

    ... Especially those who happen to not live in one of those world's biggest cities. Yes, those who live in a huge city with lots of specialized ballet stores, can (and should) get fitted properly offline. But what if a dancer does not have this option? Then, he/she is confined to a small and sometimes random model/size choices of a local "All for dance" shop. We provide them with virtual pointe shoe fitting and a full guide to beginner' pointe shoe tips called Pointe Shoe Academy.

  2. Ballet teachers who don't live in one of the world's capitals.

    They just delegate us all the pointe shoe fitting job - otherwise, they would have to do it on their own. Plus they get some great deals on bulk offers.

  3. Dance mums of these future stars who go through dozens of pointe shoes a week.

    This is the most "painful" stage when you can see that the girls are about to get a job and a career in ballet, but for now the parents' full-time job is to find the needed amount of shoes in no time and also to get the best possible deal for it.

  4. Male pointe shoe users.

    Providing you with big and even bigger pointe shoes is our favorite challenge. It is not fair that lots of dancers cannot go en pointe just because they cannot find a shoe of their size.

  5. Last but not least, adult ballet enthusiasts.

    Our company was built by adult ballet 'nerds', but it was not so long ago that we understood how MANY people in the world share our passion!

Everyting for the Ballet Feet & more

Frоm hundreds of brands and models, we chose those that we have tested, tried on and carefully described their features to help you make a choice We spend quite a lot of time to find some pretty and useful ballet things a ballet dancer may not find locally.

We spend quite a lot of time to find some pretty and useful ballet things a ballet dancer may not find locally.

We spend even more time to create a really usable e-store catalog so you can easily find items you need, among 1600 products of dozens brands.

And our checkout process is as easy as 2 clicks!

Enjoy shopping, or, if you are in the mood to learn even more about our company, here we are:

Who Is Inna Mayorova? How the pointe shoe fitting service works? Pointe Shoe Academy Newsletter Series Are you a ballet "nerd"? Let's co-operate!

If you have any other questions for us, just choose your preferrable way to contact us!

Inna-Tatiana Mayorova & Bestpointe team