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Become a partner

Are you a ballet student or a dancer?

There is a very little concern about proper pointe shoe fitting, within dance schools and even dance stores. Hundreds of dancers all over the world send us pictures and their stories of their badly fitted pointe shoes.

We invite you to become an "ambassador" of the correct pointe shoe fitting in your own school / studio. We will give you all the basic knowledge about pointe shoe fitting - so step by step you will start to understand if your friends' pointe shoes are good for them. If not - we will teach you which measurements and pictures to take so we can help them together. In exchange, you will be getting a huge partner discount and lots of gifts from

Contact us and start getting your first pointe shoe fitting lessons!


Are you a dance mum / dad?

First of all, thank you so much for the hard and beautiful job you do. At, most of the team are parents, too. We also know how expensive it can be to grow a professional dancer - the more professional your daughter gets, the more shoes and leotards and tights she needs. But there is always a way to reduce these expenses - contact us today and we will offer you our bulk order deals and partner discounts.


Are you a ballet teacher /dance school owner? co-operates with dance schools and dance teachers all over the world, helping them to get their students properly fitted and constantly providing them with attractively priced pointe shoes and accessories. If you are a dance teacher or a dance school owner and if you think we can be helpful for you please contact us and together we will find the best possible solution for your needs!