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Best Online Ballet Resources (free and paid)

Best Online Ballet Resources

What do you do when you miss your ballet class? Have you tried to take ballet classes If you still haven’t, you will be surprised how many quality opportunities you can find! Do you have a willpower for creating and following your own workout plan (and following it!)? Then there are so many free classes - just choose your own level. If you are (like me) need some extra motivation to get up from the couch, consider online training with a live teacher, or buy a paid course - the fact that you paid money is usually a good motivation for realizing your intention.

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We asked ballerinas around the world to share their favorite online resources and are ready to share this list we've created together. One of our beloved customers, Layla Alvey, a programmer and an adult ballerina frow Sweden, has shared her own list of online ballet lessons - this is how this collection has started. Later, this post had become viral and lots of people are still contributing and sharing their favorite online ballet classes with us.

If your website or Youtube channel or FB page, or IG account is missing, just leave a comment below, or let us know!

So, let's get started...



Youtube Channel

If we would have to choose only one online ballet source to suggest, that would be Kathryn Morgan’s Youtube channel. These 300+ videos presented by former soloist with the New York City Ballet, include literally everything, if you have the willpower for home-studying ballet. Tips, full barre classes of different levels, ballet technique, variations, workouts, targeted exercises and beauty.

Ages: All

Levels: intermediate, adult enthusiasts

Pricing: The youtube videos are free but if will you really fall in love with Kathryn Morgan’s teaching style, you can purchase a package of 100 full videos for $50 from her website



Youtube Channel


If ballet is your perfect kind of fitness and workout, the Lazy Dancer Tips by charming Alessia Lugoboni is what you are searching for. These 10-15 mins ballet workouts will become your favorite morning routines. On the website, you can also find workout plans based on your needs, tips and exercises to improve your ballet technique, balance and posture. 

Ages: Any

Levels: Beginners to intermediate

Pricing:  Exclusive content of the Lazy Dancer Studio 11,50$/MO or 135,16$/YR


Youtube Channel



Claudia Dean from Australia is a former dancer of The Royal Ballet. She runs a private ballet coaching business and has a great Youtube vlog. Browse through 150+ Claudia's videos and you will definitely find pieces to add to your bookmarks! There's also a very popular IG account (100K+ followers): each post is a useful ballet tip. Totally worth subscribing!  

Levels: Claudia addresses to aspiring professionals, but anybody who is into ballet.

Pricing: the Youtube videos are free. You also have a chance to join Cladia Dean's super-popular follow-along classes (there's a free 48 hour trial and then $35.96 a month) or even book a private coaching session!


Youtube channel


Lisa Howell runs a physiotherapy clinic in Australia, which focuses on the treatment and education of dancers. Her Youtube channel is a full and comprehensive encyclopedia of ANY issues, problems, injuries a dancer may face, and the ways of their treatment and prevention. If you are doing ballet at home without supervision, you simply HAVE to subscribe to Lisa Howells’ channel and consider purchasing her paid step-by-step physio courses. “if you start off with bad technique, it is very hard to unlearn this later on” - she says.

Of course, physiotherapeutic exercises are no fun. It’s a dull and long process, but if you feel like you need to stretch some muscles, improve your turnout or prepare for the pointe beginner class properly, challenge yourself to complete one of these step-by-step courses by Lisa Howell and you will definitely see the difference when you return to your ballet class.

Ages: Any

Levels: Beginners to ballet teachers

Pricing:  starting from $10 / video


SARAH ARNOLD, a.k.a. The Accidental Artist


Youtube Channel


The best thing about Sarah Arnold is that she is a passionate teacher - the ballet teacher of your dreams, so devoted, so creative, so interested in your progress. On her youtube channel, you will find lots of smart exercises, and ballet tools how-to’s,  useful ballet technique tips. And if you, too, will feel like it’s your dream teacher, there are full ballet classes videos, for different levels, to purchase from Sarah’s website.

Ages: mostly adult ballet enthusiasts

Levels: medium to very high professional

Pricing: from $15/video



A ballet studio based in London that generously offers many freebies to the world community: the best part is their unique video vocabulary of different steps of ballet class - to learn, to revise, to practice, to repeat at home.

The steps and the combinations are described in great detail so that you can understand what your body is doing during the movement.

Age: children, teens, adults

Level: Beginner to advanced

Price: Full classes of all levels are available for purchase and immediate download (prices start from 4 GBP).



Mary Helen Bowers, a former ballerina with the New York City Ballet, has created her own fitness workout method “inspired by ballet and designed to give anyone a dancer’s toned, elongated and powerful physique”.  If your goal for the summer is to get fit, this is what you want: you can choose between group or private classes (where you customize the program and the exercises based on your lever and your physical condition!), or purchase video-courses!

Ages: Mostly Adults

Level: Beginners

Price: 9,99$/Video, 39.99$/Month for workout classes




Youtube Channel

The legendary ballet dancer and teacher Finis Jhung (he turned 81 this spring!) has created his own innovative ballet technique. You can find lots of free videos on youtube to understand what’s it about and then there’s his website with this amazing search engine: you choose your level and issiues you are working on now, and it suggests you the related videos to purchase. You can even mention a certain pas you are working on right now - brilliant! If you are serious about your ballet career and feel like you need an inspiration of a living legend, there is an amazing option to meet Finis via skype, wherever in the world you are:

Age: All ages

Level: All levels: beginners to ballet teachers

Price: $17-30 a video, varies from the program and the classes you choose


Chun Wai Chan

 Youtube Channel

Chun Wai Chan is a principal dancer of the Houston Ballet. His Youtube channel  Chunner fitness may be extremely interesting for male ballet dancers.


The Ballet Spot 


The Ballet Spot is an adult ballet and fitness program developed by Elizabeth Sherlock-Lewis Tollett, a professional ballet dancer and a talented teacher from Los Angeles. The website offers 30 weekly Interactive Live Stream classes all taught by professional dancers from world class companies including American Ballet Theatre, the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Alberta Ballet and many others. The classes are for adults of all levels, from absolute beginner, to advanced. In addition to ballet, we offer Barre, Stretch, Strength, Sculpt, and more.

Ages: adults

Levels: beginners to advanced

Pricing: from $5/class 




Pointe with Roni Mahler


(By Belinda McGuire Dance Projects)

Roni Mahler is a former ballerina trained by the renowed Madame Maria Yurieva Swoboda in her native New York City.  She performed principal roles with American Ballet Theatre and the National Ballet of Washington (D.C). Her New York City ballet teaching credits include the Alvin Ailey School, Ballet Acedemy East, Ballet Tech, The Joffrey School,and Juilliard.

Roni offers two great Zoom drop-in classes: both involve a full barre (designed to be done in the pointe shoes but feel free to wear soft ballet slippers) plus additional pointe-focused exercises (to be done at the barre or in the center).

Roni's class that might be unique to other online experiences, because all feet (and bodies!) are welcome here. She's uniquely good at helping other dancers figure out how to work with what they've got, and enjoy what they've got! And even in the open classes, she gives plenty of individual corrections.

Ages: any pointe shoe users, or students at the pre-pointe level

Levels: beginners to intermediate

Pricing: from $12/class 





Fortunately, the ballet vocabulary is international, so we can enjoy classes even if we don't understand the teacher's language. Do not ignore the following resources just because you don't know Russian or French or German - there are things to learn and enjoy!


Facebook Page

If you still don't follow Dance Secret on Facebook, do it now. Ilya Kuznetsov and his spouse Sol are among the best ballet teachers in Moscow. Dance Secret is their ballet studio, world-famous for their drop-in ballet enthusiast classes. They generously turn their camera on for live translations of their everyday classes. Totally free. Despite of the fact that the class is in Russian, it's still so worth seeing! On their page, you will also find short video pieces from Vaganova's "Methodology of Classical Ballet (1946) documentary, each piece demonstrating one ballet pas in slow-motion.  

Ages: mostly adult ballet enthusiasts

Levels: medium to very high professional

Pricing: free


Galina Mezentseva Classes (Russian): 

Full-length classes of the legendary Russian ballet teacher on Youtube: 

Class 1, Class 2, Class 4, Class 6




 A wonderful dance resource in German language. The dance center has a lot of online classes and videos for ballet, jazz, hip-hop and many other styles. They also organize summer intensive programs especially for ballet which offers an online platform where you can watch and follow it.

Age: Teen dancers (13-16 y.o)

Level: Intermediate

Price: from 3,5 euro a month


Wayne Byars (French) 

Wayne Byars teaches an open advanced/professional ballet class in Paris. Love watching his ballet instructional videos (no matter they are in French). The best part is that Wayne Byars is a follower of the amazing Alexander techniquea somatic method for improving physical and mental functioning, and he integrates it into his ballet teaching methods. 

YouTube Channel

Guus WIJNOOGST (Dutch) 

(1942) is a Dutch ballet dancer. He was a dancer with Dutch National Ballet from 1962 to early 1974, then leaded the Nieuwe Alkmaarse Balletschool and is world-known for his comical ballets (see the Mistake Walzer), has recorded amateur videos of his classes and rehearsals (1989) - some of them are very pleasant to see and to follow: Christian Wijnoogst's Youtube channel



 Playlist with Ballet Master Classes

Royal Ballet Class during World Ballet Day

Interviews, insights and tips by Russain Ballerinas (all in Russian): 

Tanya + Tantsi Youtube channel




Move dance training: cool jazz tutorials 

Youtube Channel


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    Inna from
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    Dear Eve, thank you so much! really glad it was helpful for you!
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    i am from south africa. can you recommend which ones are most accessible to a south african based individual and which will deliver within 3-5 business days up to 10days, because i have checked ali express they take about 30 days express and the cheapest shipping method takes that long
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        Dear Paul,

        Thank you so much for letting us know!
        We couldn't find the site so it was a pleasure.

        Thanks a lot
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          Cee Vee
          31 july 2019, 14:58
          What's the best free online ballet class?
            20 june 2020, 18:57
              20 june 2020, 18:57
                20 july 2020, 03:38
                Please add The Ballet Spot to this list! The Ballet Spot offers interactive Live Stream ballet classes taught by professional dancers from world class companies including American Ballet Theatre, Alberta Ballet, the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, Dayton Ballet, and many others. In addition to ballet we offer Barre, Stretch, Sculpt, and more. Visit for more information.
                  28 august 2020, 21:27
                  Hi there! In my country, there are no professional ballet classes (people are self taught and they open classes for kids, but that sums it up) and so I have been looking for a good resource for years! I bought some CDs, but they were generally at basic level.

                  So you can imagine how grateful I am to have found this treasure of yours. Thank you.
                    30 august 2020, 03:13
                    A fantastic new platform offering top-quality virtual ballet training is The Ballet Advantage —! They helped me improve soooooo much.
                      Paul Valk
                      28 november 2020, 20:00
                      dont forget
                        30 december 2020, 21:44
                        Dear readers,

                        For anyone who might be looking for free online ballet classes right now:

                        Please check out the YouTube channel called «Plié For The People», a free online ballet training program, made for anyone who wants to learn ballet. In my efforts to help make ballet more available and accessible for people that might not be able to afford it, «Plié For The People» is here as a service to make sure ballet can be accessed on everyone’s screens.

                        Happy New Year! Stay positive, and keep on dancing!

                        Mimi Liu, MFA
                        Ballet Instructor & Creator
                        «Plié For The People»
                        Youtube Channel Link:
                          Inna from BestPointe
                          09 february 2021, 12:55
                          Dear Mimi, thank you very much for sharing, what a great program!
                            09 april 2021, 08:44
                            Also is quite extraordinary. These are ballet training programs for beginners-advanced, ballet techniques… available any time.
                              25 may 2022, 16:53
                              Thanks for sharing! is great for adult dancers and has lots more than just classes.

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