Siberian Swan: 87% of dancers told us they've found their Perfect Pointe Shoes!
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Siberian Swan: 87% of dancers told us they've found their Perfect Pointe Shoes!

...It's been about ten months that we have first touched that matte textured exterior of the Siberian Swan pointe shoes. It's been the first time (and I'm a pointe shoe fitter with 8-year experience!) I myself didn't feel any pain when en pointe, and my arches never looked so beautiful. I have fallen in love from the first site and was fascinated to introduce these amazing pointe shoes to our customers. siberian swan reviews

A couple of weeks ago, we decided it was time to ask our customers about what do they think about their new pointe shoes. We have received 54 reviews, most of them from dancers, and five from ballet teachers who were ordering Siberians' for themselves and their students. For most of the dancers, it was a their first or second pair of Siberian Swan pointe shoes. 

...won't switch to another brand!

We asked our customers if their next pair will be Siberian Swan again, and 87% of those surveyed replied "yes definitely". 
Why so many of them are so happy using the Siberian Swan brand?
We asked them to help us find the words which can describe their pointe shoes best and got the following: "comfortable, elegant, innovative, beautiful", "light, stable, comfortable", "a mix between a gaynor minden and a traditional shoe", "well-fit, good price, perfect arch support", "strong, supportive", "wonderful smell and unbeleivable hand-feel", "longer lasting and good fit".

The best thing about Siberian Swans...

What is the best thing about Siberian Swans? - we asked dancers to share their thoughts about the shoes...
siberian swan pre-arched"The way they feel when I’m on pointe and the support in the heel" - says Alexandra, an adult ballet beginner from Greece.
"They are beautiful and I think they give great stability and balance. They also look unique" - shares Annika a.k.a. @sporty.ballerina from Switzerland.
"They give stability and a sense of security they are so light" - wrote Ewa M. from  Ile-de-France.  
"They are so silent and light. They give enough support to feel comfortable,yet give you the feeling you're floathing" (Isabelle, Ghent).
Helene from Corse Island: "They are beautiful, light and make a very nice foot yet I do not have a strong arch, and they smell good!" 
It supports my foot, good for hops on pointe! - says Zoe from Auckland.
Katharina from Germany confides: "You immediately fall in love with them. They are one of the expensive once but the quality is great and you feel good in them."  

What teachers say...

Karsavina siberian swan isabelle d hoineOur good friend Isabelle D'Hoine, a ballet teacher from Belgium, says: "I am a ballet teacher myself and of course students like to ask me about the new, diffrent pointe shoes I'm wearing. I always refer to them as very comfortable and light. When I make relevés, passés or courrus, I point out that the dancers should dance very softly and not make a lot of noise. Then sometimes I refer to my shoes, that they help me a bit because they are very quiet. I like the siberian cederwood oil aswell, which makes my pointes smell great, even after the dance class!"  

Matte or Shiny Satin?

Now, is everybody happy with the matte exterior of the pointe shoes? 
Apperently, not: about 30% of our customers would like to have the same shoes in shiny satin (in some ballet companies the satin is mandatory). Fortunately, starting from January 2019 the manufacturers will have this option for both models! The new satin color seems to be wery pretty, in a tender salmon-peachy shade. 

Siberian Swan in a dance shop

What it's like to fit and sell Siberian Swans in a ballet shop? 
Oksana Hordiyenko, co-owner of the store in Greece: "At first, we were afraid that dancers in our country won't like the matte shoes and won't be able to pay this much for a pair of pointe shoes. Now my favorite thing to do is fitting Siberian Swans. The best thing is to look at the face of a dancer when she gets en pointe in Siberians for the first time. These guys just made a revolution for these girls, helping them dance without effort and pain". 
We are so happy to watch this new brand to grow and to be consistently winning the market... 

Inna Mayorova 

Your Virtual Pointe Shoe Fitter

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