Top-10 of the pointe shoe fitting problems
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Top-10 of the pointe shoe fitting problems

Having a pointe shoe fitting service for more than seven years now, we keep noticing that most of the issues are quite common or exactly the same. So we were giving a lot of thought about how could we make all this "FAQs" more accessible, more helpful to other dancers - who may even not be aware of having the same issue! So we decided to accumulate this knowledge in our blog, and also to share some part of the very pointe shoe fitting process in our Instagram and Facebook accounts – follow us if you share the same passion for pointe shoes!

First of all, we tried to list and “organize” the pointe shoe fitting problems we face, almost every day. We tracked down the most common feet problems involved in the fitting process and wrote them down on this list below…  Starting from the issues with the easiest solutions and ending up to the most difficult ones, here we are :⠀

1  Wide feet

2  Narrow feet⠀

3  Long feet - BIG Sizes⠀

4  Cannot go onto full pointe⠀

5  Longer second toe⠀

6  Bunions, bunionettes⠀

7  Long toes⠀

8  Going over the pointe – hyperextension⠀

9  Knuckling⠀

10 Compressible feet⠀

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