Ballet Barres: An Essential Guide For Professional and Amateur Ballet Dancers
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Ballet Barres: An Essential Guide For Professional and Amateur Ballet Dancers

Are you a ballet teacher who wants to create or renovate your studio? Or are you a passionate ballet dancer who can't stop training? Well, at we have a solution for you both! Dancing is our passion and we will recount you everything you need to know about the most essential equipment in ballet - the ballet barres, in a simple step-by-step guide.

1. Initially, the questions above are really significant in order to buy a ballet barre, as the needs of a ballet studio, a professional dance academy or a gym are very different from the training needs of a single dancer who wants to get a ballet barre for personal use. This separation is important for us, so as to propose you the most appropriate equipment we can. Long story short, before you start choosing the barre, you need to know how many people will be using it (at least 1,5m per person per side), and how old are they (kids, teens, adults).

2. In the next step, you have to make up your mind for the appropriate barre space. If you have a big dance studio with lots of dancers, you maybe need a large quantity of barres that will probably be mounted on the wall OR / AND the floor. Just a second! Did you say you have lots of dancers in your school but not enough space for barres on the walls? Well, there is also the choice of a portable ballet barre!

3. If you need just one barre for personal use, we can choose a portable one, or you have again the choice to go for a floor or a wall mounted support.

Furthermore, some other specific parameters have to be taken into account when you are about to buy ballet barres. Let's find them out thoroughly: 

the right height of the ballet barre


4. The height of the barre. Some ballet systems have different specifications about the height of the barre, but the general guideline goes like this. The barre has to be somewhere in between the waist and the hip, or -in other words- where the hands are in their 2nd position of the port-de-bras. If you want it for personal use but you are a young ballerina who is still developing, you can go for an adjustable one. For ballet schools, we usually suggest double ballet barres - different heights, due to the different dancers' ages and heights.

dimensions of the ballet barres' beams


5. Dimensions of the beams. Our experience shows that sometimes it's quite easy to find the wooden beams locally, so the customers order just the professional wall or floor mounts from us. As far as the wooden beam is concerned, its diameter has to be 4cm. 


6. The length of the beam. The optimal length of a barre is 2m. This way, it won't give in to pressure, no matter how many cute little ballerinas decide to hang on it...


7. Last but not least, the price of the ballet barres depends on the quantity you buy. We undertake the ballet barres delivery worldwide, so don't hesitate to ask us for an offer!


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