R-class pointe shoe manufacturer, with the most pointe shoe models ever...
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R-class: the manufacturer with the most pointe shoe models ever...

Welcome to Moscow – a city where, at least 1/3 of all pointe shoes on the planet are being manufactured! Let us tell you about the least well-known one, the R-class pointe shoe factory. Its director, Mr Roman Kukushkin, is a man who grew up in the shoe ateliers of the Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow: his mother was bringing her young son to her work, where she was making ballet shoes for the cast. At 1992, he started his own production and since then, he is constantly working on achieveing his dream: to create the Ideal Pointe Shoe. 

Nearly 30 years later, the factory is one of the biggest pointe shoe manufacturers in the world. Even if you haven’t heard much about this brand or never seen it in the dance shops of your country, you are, most probably, familiar with some of their models. R-class is the factory where the Russian Pointe and the Energetiks brands are really made.

Yes, Rubin, Sapfir, Entrada Pro etc, etc – you can find the same shoes - with a different stamp on their soles – within the R-class brand. 

Moreover, the company makes dozens of other pointe shoe models that are not being distributed under the Russian pointe or Energetiks name. Some of them are hand-made exactly the same way they were made 30 years ago in the ateliers of Bolshoi, others are the state-of-art specimens that follow the latest contemporary technologies and their own inventions.   



The good thing about the R-Class is that they won’t discontinue the production of any model they have ever had! The bad thing is that you need to spend a lot of time studying the technical features, size charts and descriptions to find a model that'll fit you best - the good thing is that for sure it will be worth it: as there IS one (or more) models that'll fit you great! 

At BestPointe.com, we are proud to fit and sell ALL the existing R-class models.


In this blog, we are going to help you get through all the R-class collection and models, one by one. We are sure you will find a couple of models that you’d like to try on some day.

Classic & Polette Collections: Oldies but Goldies : your complete guide through the classic hand-made models by R-class. 


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