Classic and Polette Collections by R-class: oldies but goldies
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Classic and Polette Collections by R-class: oldies but goldies

Hand-made exactly the same way they were made 30 years ago. Following the traditions of the shoemakers of the Bolshoi Theatre, the pointe shoes of the very first collections of the R-class brand (the Classic (CL) collection and the Polette (P) collection), still remain some very noticeable and worth trying models. Let's take a closer look at each and every model...

Classic collection

The oldest collection by R-class consists of the following five models (easy to remember because they used the first five letters of the alphabet: A-B-C-D-E). All of them remind us of the vintage “Bolshoi Theatre style” lasts: all high-profile with a V-cut (only!) and pleated, no drawstrings, hand-stitched and glued soles, slightly pre-arched. 

Anima (CL-A) is the one with a very small platform, a low vamp and a high heel.

Bonbe (CL-B) is the squarest one in this collection: it has a wider platform and medium vamp, more straight-forward.   

Celesta (C-C) is this classic tapered model, with a small platform that opens towards the wings, with a high vamp and a high heel.

Dolce (CL-D)’s box would “open” somewhere in its middle (giving plenty of space for those diamong feet or bunions) and then narrows down at the wings. 

Elegance (CL-E) is a medium-tapered one. It has a medium platform and a roomy box which would open towards the wings.


Polette collection

This collection includes, basically, of only two models (plus one modification). Both were very revolutionary in comparison with all the Russian-made shoes that existed before...

For the first time, the Russian manufacturers came up with a really low-profile and U-cut model – it was the Polette model.

The Polette (P) pointe shoes have some generous platform and a very slightly tapered medium box with a U-cut and an elastic drawstring. This must be really a great invention for all the feet that were not exactly “tailor-made for the Vaganova Academy”. The Polette model also was a part of the Russian Pointe collection but was discontinued lately.

The Polette Pro (PP) shoe is a modification of the previous model but has a shorter outer sole – this makes the model bend in the ¾ of the sole.

The Grande (GR) style was also created, most porobably, by request of the customers. Even today, this might be the widest of all Russian-made pointe shoe models. It has its own width’s scale to fit feet of literally any width.  The shoe has a medium-low box, U-cut with a drawstring, and a low profile.  

Do you feel like trying one of the above models? if you are not sure about the fit or the sizing, feel free to ask for help of our pointe shoe fitters! 

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