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Lifehacks for a beautiful heel

Another post on the topic “pointe-shoes and do-it-yourself tips”. Let’s see how to fix a bad fitted heel.

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How do pointe-shoemakers solve the issue of a "disappearing heel”?

The issue of a beautiful pointe shoe heel has always been on the table for all pointe-shoemakers. Everybody wants to find a perfect solution. From our previous post, however, we realized that it is hardly achievable.

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Pointe shoes: So where did the heel go?

What’s the matter with these nasty crimpled heels with “air” inside? Why is it so difficult to fix it?

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What are the So-called "Rare" Grishko Models and Who Do They Fit Most?

Two quite rare and rather interesting pointe shoe Grishko models have attracted our attention for a deep analysis... – the long-vamped Maya-II and its opposed model, the short-vamped Elite --

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First Pointe-shoes by Grishko

Grishko company, except for its wide range of pointe shoes, which fit almost every type of feet, it also offers three models of demi pointe shoes or, in other words,  soft blocks! These are pointe shoes, with a soft sole, so as to help you be prepared for the "hard" ones: Exam, Alice and Novice.

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Fouette last and its evolution

The issue was that Fouette was not a “square” model. In order to be able to see it you need to press the box – the “wings” spread sideward forming a triangle.

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Grishko 2007 Last

"Grishko 2007" last is perhaps one of the most popular models in the ballet world. A little bit narrow and elegant, yet at the same time with quite a wide platform; it’s sleek, without any sharp angles. It is also quite flat, even though there exist more flat models.

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With or without pads - What's better?

“What kind of pads do you recommend?”, “Is it possible not to use pads at all?”, “Which ones are the best?”. I’ll do my best to answer all the questions mentioned above.

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R-class: the New RC Collection

What makes the new RC Collection special? The new RC collection is different from all the previous models of pointe shoes of the brand. It uses different technologies in the sole construction which allow the sole to be completely flat and very durable.

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