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With or without pads - What's better?

“What kind of pads do you recommend?”, “Is it possible not to use pads at all?”, “Which ones are the best?”. I’ll do my best to answer all the questions mentioned above.

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R-class: the New RC Collection

What makes the new RC Collection special? The new RC collection is different from all the previous models of pointe shoes of the brand. It uses different technologies in the sole construction which allow the sole to be completely flat and very durable.

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R-class: the JW and SL Collections

JW and SL series should be the most well-known as they also exist in the Russian Pointe and Energetiks pointe shoe brands.

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R-class: Classic and Polette Collections- "Oldies but Goldies"

Hand-made exactly the same way they were made 30 years ago. Following the traditions of the shoemakers of the Bolshoi Theatre, the pointe shoes of the very first collections of the R-class brand (the Classic (CL) collection and the Polette (P) collection), still remain some very noticeable and worth trying models.

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R-class: the Manufacturer with the Most Pointe Shoe Models Ever...

The R-class pointe shoe factory. Its director, Mr Roman Kukushkin, is a man who grew up in the shoe ateliers of the Bolshoi Theater of Moscow: his mother was bringing her young son to her work, where she was making ballet shoes for the cast. At 1992, he started his own production and since then, he is constantly working on achieving his dream: to create the Ideal Pointe Shoe. 

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Olivier Tourchon: An Aspiring Man's Story Behind Pointe Shoes

One aspiring man, one inspiring story. Everything about Olivier Tourchon and his personal story behind ballet and pointe shoes! A full interview article for one of our best customers on his everyday life, ballet classes, ballet story and his pointe of view on ballet and nowadays dance society.

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Sara Coleman: One Story Behind Famous Dancers' Pointe Shoe Collection

She is maybe the only woman collector of famous dancers' pointe shoes. This article is about one woman with passion for ballet. The original interview of hers depict her into ballet experiences, as well as reveals many "hidden objects", like pointe shoes - autographs - photos - books etc, that used to belong to famous dancers. The full interview with photos of her collection are being presented.

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Sickled Feet In Ballet: What Does It Mean When A Ballerina Sickles?

This article is about sickled feet in ballet. What does "sickling" mean? What is the difference between sickling, pointing and pronating? Read also what to do to avoid sickled feet and how pointe shoes can help you achive your goal.

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What Is "Compressible Feet" Issue? A Guide On How To Handle It

What does "compressible feet" mean? How someone can find if his/her feet are compressible? Which are the best pointe shoe solutions for compressible feet? In this article you can read all the significant parametrs!

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