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What if my pointe shoes are wrong for me?

I told my mom that I can't wear just any type of Pointe shoes and they have to be made for my foot type. But she thinks all Pointe shoes are the same so she is trying to get me Pointe shoes that are on sale in our dance shop. Can you tell her what can happen if I have the wrong type of shoe?

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Possible injuries caused by pointe work, prevention & treatment

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7 tips to improve your pirouettes

@Maelle T., Ivory Coast Hi Inna! Need your help again - this time, with my turns! I always tried to do more than two turns without getting dizzy and having a headache. I've tried spotting and many other things. Please help me☺

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Need to get a high arch ...ASAP!

We receive this kind of messages quite often but this one was a real SOS. "I need your help. I need to get a high arch as soon as possible. I don't know what exercises to do and don't know in how much time this can be done. Please please help, it's kinda an emergency ! My arch is so low and it's such of a burden! Love you".

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Pointe-like ballet shoes

If you are acquainted with any 4, 5 ...10 year-old princess, you will understand what I'm talking about.

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How to select the right skirt type for your ballet outfit?

A ballet skirt definitely adds instant beauty to your style. Ranging from maxi skirts to minis, wrap skirts and stretchy skirts and you're faced with a lot of choices. Some skirt styles look better on you than others, and vice versa.

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