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R-class: the New RC Collection

What makes the new RC Collection special? The new RC collection is different from all the previous models of pointe shoes of the brand. It uses different technologies in the sole construction which allow the sole to be completely flat and very durable.

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R-class: the JW and SL Collections

JW and SL series should be the most well-known as they also exist in the Russian Pointe and Energetiks pointe shoe brands.

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R-class: Classic and Polette Collections- "Oldies but Goldies"

Hand-made exactly the same way they were made 30 years ago. Following the traditions of the shoemakers of the Bolshoi Theatre, the pointe shoes of the very first collections of the R-class brand (the Classic (CL) collection and the Polette (P) collection), still remain some very noticeable and worth trying models.

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R-class: the Manufacturer with the Most Pointe Shoe Models Ever...

The R-class pointe shoe factory. Its director, Mr Roman Kukushkin, is a man who grew up in the shoe ateliers of the Bolshoi Theater of Moscow: his mother was bringing her young son to her work, where she was making ballet shoes for the cast. At 1992, he started his own production and since then, he is constantly working on achieving his dream: to create the Ideal Pointe Shoe. 

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Long Toes: Finding Your Perfect Pointe AND Street Shoes

A guideline for finding your perfect pointe shoes in the case of very long toes. We refer to the basic characteristics of long toes and the difference between them and the long feet. The most suitable pointe shoe models for long toes are under discussion, while two different fitting cases are being analyzed.

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Bunions? Questions, Answers, Solutions

This article is refering to bunions, their basic issue and possible solutions. A basic definition for bunions is given and we examine the ways we can handle all the problems derive from the bunion situation. Possible DIY solutions and basic pointe shoe models are given. A difficult fitting case story sums up all the information.

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Greek Type of Foot: Ideas for Not Letting Your Longer Second Toe Hurting You Anymore

The longer second toe of your foot categorize you to the greek type. This type of foot usually goes with many issues, like compressible feet, having bunions, knuckles and space between the toes. The characteristic of the greek type of foot, the longer second toe, is the central subject here. In this article we describe the situation of having a longer second toe and its issues. We also examine the most suitable pointe shoe models and the best DIY solutions concerning the padding we can use in our pointe (and even street) shoes.

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Cannot Go Onto Full Pointe? Basic Pointe Shoe Anatomy Problems and Possible Solutions

Cannot go onto full pointe? In this article we examine the strength and flexibility issue, we mention the basic pointe shoe anatomy problems and their possible easy do it yourself solutions and we suggest the most suitable models of "easier" pointe shoes by brand, that are pre-arched and usually have a plastic sole.

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Long Feet En Pointe: A Guide For Big Pointe Shoe Sizes

When refering to long feet we mean feet that require big shoe sizes, and more specifically big pointe shoe sizes. In this article we talk about the basic characteristics of long feet, the news concerning them in the market area and possible pointe shoe solutions. We end up to a related fitting case.

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