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Lifehacks for a beautiful heel

Another post on the topic “pointe-shoes and do-it-yourself tips”. Let’s see how to fix a bad fitted heel.

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With or without pads - What's better?

“What kind of pads do you recommend?”, “Is it possible not to use pads at all?”, “Which ones are the best?”. I’ll do my best to answer all the questions mentioned above.

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"Sickled Feet" In Ballet: What Does It Mean When A Ballerina Sickles?

This article is about sickled feet in ballet. What does "sickling" mean? What is the difference between sickling, pointing and pronating? Read also what to do to avoid sickled feet and how pointe shoes can help you achive your goal.

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"Compressible Feet". A Full Guide on How to Handle It

What does "compressible feet" mean? How someone can find if his/her feet are compressible? As the feet of the dancers are their basic "tool", they should be aware of all of their possible issues, not only for making their dance life easier, but for choosing the right pointe shoes as well.

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"Knuckling". How Can A Dancer Handle It?

What is "knuckling"? How does it vary from one dancer to another? How can dancers deal with it? All these questions are discussed in this article. Except for trying to give the best definition of the issue, we also examine possible solutions, concerning strengthening exercises and best pointe shoe options.

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Going Over The Pointe? All About Hyperextension!

Hyperextension or "Banana Feet" is a natural condition of the very flexible body. In this article we examine what exactly hyperextension means and we propose possible strengthening solutions with the stunning ballet teacher Sarah Arnold. Tips on the suitable pointe shoe model and DIY solutions.

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Ballet Barres: An Essential Guide for Professional and Amateur Ballet Dancers

Portable ballet barres, floor and wall mounted supports for ballet barres. In this article we examine all the parameters a professional or an amateur ballet dancer, ballet dance teachers or even gym trainers have to take into account in order to buy ballet barres for their dance school, gym or for personal use.

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Bunions? Questions, Answers, Solutions

This article is refering to bunions, their basic issue and possible solutions. A basic definition for bunions is given and we examine the ways we can handle all the problems derive from the bunion situation. Possible DIY solutions and basic pointe shoe models are given. A difficult fitting case story sums up all the information.

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Greek Type of Foot: Ideas for Not Letting Your Longer Second Toe Hurting You Anymore

The longer second toe of your foot categorize you to the greek type. This type of foot usually goes with many issues, like compressible feet, having bunions, knuckles and space between the toes. The characteristic of the greek type of foot, the longer second toe, is the central subject here. In this article we describe the situation of having a longer second toe and its issues. We also examine the most suitable pointe shoe models and the best DIY solutions concerning the padding we can use in our pointe (and even street) shoes.

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