What are the rare Grishko models? Who do they fit most?
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What are the So-called "Rare" Grishko Models and Who Do They Fit Most?

Two quite rare and rather interesting pointe shoe Grishko models have attracted our attention for a deep analysis... the long-vamped Maya-II and its opposed model, the short-vamped Elite

They may never be available in any local store, and if they are, it’s almost always by mistake... This happens because they are not sold regularly like other Grishko's best sellers, since they fit only ceratin types of feet.

Wanna learn more about Grishko's Best Seller?


What are these so-called "rare" models? Who do they fit most?

Майя-II : редкие модели от Гришко

The Maya II is based on the Vaganova last. The Vaganova was made in the so-called hand-stitched way- with a thick leather sole like the Fouette last.

It was one of the very first Grishko models, very elegant, with a tiny heel, a very long-vamped and very narrow box with a high arch. 

One needs to have narrow and long feet to fit in the Vaganova last, or as an alternative – to have feet with long toes. Yet, there are not so many dancers with feet like this. 

⇒ The Vaganova model itself has been discontinued some years ago, so the machine-stitched Maya II is the only choice for dancers with this type of feet, within Grishko brand. 

You may find out more information about the Fouette (Maya I) last!


Элит : редкие модели от ГришкоElite ⇒ This must be the rarest model in my pointe shoie fitting suggestions, of all the other styles and brands... But! There is a certain foot type that fits ONLY into Elite, and no other brand can offer any alternatives! Let's take a look. 

So, Elite has an absolutely square box, very flat, U-cut with drawstrings, and … very, very low vamp! So one needs to have very short toes and not to use pads - or to use very thin ones, so that the box would create the necessary support. 

Elite is a traditional, 100% hand-made shoe with a thick leather sole that can be made with a soft shanks (SS or S), but also with the hardest ones (H or SH), which is a great thing. Capezio and Bloch have some models that fit this foot type, but they are not hard enough for someone who needs more support from the shank. 

The only bad thing with the rare models (of any brand!), is that you have to wait pretty long in order to get them. In case of Grishkos, the waiting period is about 6-8 weeks, and, most probably, you won't have a chance to return the shoes. A good idea is to get a fitters' advice before ordering those. 

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