How do pointe-shoemakers solve the issue of “a beautiful heel”?
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How do pointe-shoemakers solve the issue of a "disappearing heel”?

The issue of a beautiful heel has always been on the table for all pointe-shoemakers. Everybody wants to find a perfect solution. From our post about the "disappearing heel" issue, however, we realized that it is hardly achievable.

There are some interesting tips that you can find quite helpful. Let’s see:

How do pointe-shoemakers solve the issue of “a beautiful heel”?

♦ Many brands aim to fix the heel perfectly, so they make the inner layer of pointe-shoes anti-sliding. Capezio, for example, has an entire pointe-shoe lined with this material, while Smart Pointe has the heel part lined with an additional "fleece" layer. This layer also makes the heel part tighter, so it doesn’t crimple.

♦ The same with RC R-class collection, as well as Gaynor Minden pointe-shoes – much thicker satin looks more esthetic on heels.

Capezio took a step further – in one of their bestseller models, Ava, the heel is lined from the inside with a thick elastic layer in the area of the heel stitch – it’svery tight and non-flexible. Actually they offer a “laid on heel”

Gaynor Minden offers a selection of heel depth in their models. There are two depths available: High and Low, H or L - it’s the last letter in any model code. If you have a small heel then choose Low. There are also those Self-adhesive Heel Grippers by GM that help the fabric stay put. 

♦ Bthw, despite the fact that other brands don’t offer this choice of heel depth in their default models, this option can be easily amended in a custom order.

Bloch plays around with elastic satin. Such models as Eurostretch or Synthesis fit perfectly – they tightly “wrap” the foot and the heel. This elasticity, however, is not everyone’s cup of tea, and here is why: 

♦The Siberian Swan brand has also tried usind elastic fabric – only in the heel part, but very soon they gave up this idea: professionals (who are the main target of the brand) didn’t like that the heel wasn’t fixed properly, and “hang loosely”.

As a fitter, what do I personally think and suggest, on heel subject? Well... I do know you care a lot about how the heel looks. Indeed, those tight rounded heels look so perfect! But, for a fitter, heel is absolutely not my 1st priority. I will take it into account only after I’m confident about:

✔️toes’ comfort

✔️ideal width and lateral support

✔️proper shank

If all the above features are perfect and the heel is the only problem, I’ll suggest one of the “do-it-yourself” hacks I have mentioned in this article. 

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