Fouette last – what feet does it fit?
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Fouette last and its evolution

The Fouette model, and its "twin sister" Maya I, are known and popular all around the globe, as they represent that oldest "traditional", Russian-style pointe shoes. Let's see whether this last is good for you!    

Fouette last – what feet does it fit?

Колодка Фуэте ГришкоIn some older descriptions, you may find that the Fouette last fits “square” feet - but this is only because it is "squarer-er" than the "2007" one. It is still a tapered model with a high profile and a V-cut, medium-height box.

When ballet (especially in Russia) was a privilege of only professional dancers and "selected" students, with their strong developed arches and toes perfectly "locked" inside a pointe-shoe box, Fouette and its younger sister Maya I were considered default models. For the same reason, now that ballet has become a popular "activity" for everyone, those models are not the best-sellers anymore... 


What’s the difference between the Fouette and the Maya I models?

Колодка Фуэте и Майя 1 ГришкоThey are built on the same last. The difference is in material and the way the sole is attached: the Fouette has a thicker leather sole, hand-stitched and glued, whereas Maya’s sole is a thin suede split leather, machine-stitched. Without going into detail, we can just say that Maya I is a light-er version of Fouette. 

NB: do not confuse Maya-I and Maya II! Here is an article about the latter


What models are also based on the Fouette last?

Колодка Фуэте пуанты Триумф✔ The newer re-incarnation of the Fouette last, is Triumph model – it has a flatter box with a wider platform and a U-cut medium vamp. For those “roman”, square feet-ed dancers looking for a comfortable Grishko model, this one has become a miracle-come-true! Just like the Fouette, Triumph is a 100% hand-made shoe with a hand-stitched thick lather outer sole.  

✔ Finally, one of the latest development of Grishko's is the Super Triumph model. It fits just like the regular Triumph model but has a plastic shank+platform detail. It can be either with straight or pre-arched: Super Triumph and Super Triumph Pre-arched, accordingly.


You can get all these models (Fouette, Maya and Triumph) in their "Pro-Flex" modification (silent + more pliable shank) or in a silent, "Pro" version. There is a custom-made demi-pointe shoe built on this last - is is called "Exam Maya I". You can also look for a vegan model built on this last - it is called Maya I Vegan. 


Questions? Feel free to ask them in the comments below or just fill in the "get-fitted" form so we can help you find your own Perfect Pointe Shoes! 

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