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Grishko 2007 Last

"Grishko 2007" last:

Perhaps it’s one of the most popular models in the ballet world.
Tapered, comparably narrow and elegant, yet with quite a wide platform; it’s sleek, without any sharp angles. Its profile is quite flat but not "the flattest" on the market. The 2007' model itself and its later (and less tapered) modifications, for me, are among those few "universal" pointe shoes that may become a good fit for 80% of the dancers...  

Who do the "Grishko 2007" fit most?

✔The model fits best the very tapered feet (Egyptian), with low or medum arch, and may NOT be comfortable enough for those with a high arch and “square”/ Roman feet.

The truth is, that the majority of the new models produced by the Grishko after the year 2007 were based on that last (except for the Triumph and Smart Pointe).

Have a look at Grishko's some other significant lasts: "Fouette", "Maya II and Elite".


What models are made based on "Grishko 2007" last?

Let’s have a look at these models briefly and try to understand why there are so many of them:

Grishko 2007Grishko 2007. The most tapered of its line.

Grishko 2007 PRO - the same model, but with a silent technology.

Grishko 2007 Pro Flex – the same one, but the inner-sole has a more flexible (pliable) shank to make roll through demi-pointe easier.

3007, 3007 Pro, 3007 Pro Flex - those are the same models with the above ones. Due to some issues with its trademark, the brand had to change the name of its best seller for the US - and took this chance to add some improvements to the shoemaking technology. This is why retailers in other countries have also introduced the 3007 series to their customers and are awaiting for their feedback.   

Nova 2007Nova (aka Nova 2007). Its box is much wider in the toe area and has a bigger platform. There’s also the Nova PRO version, and the Nova Flex with a a more flexible shank.



MiracleMiracle. Bestpointe's favourite! Unlike Nova, which provides space for toes, Miracle opens up on the wings - exactly in the spot where bunions cause trouble.





DreampointeDream Pointe. It’s like Nova, but with a plastic inner-sole and it narrows on the wings.

⇒ Don’t be confused with Dream Pointe 2007 – the latter has a more curved (pre-arched) inner-sole, under the arch of a foot. The shank of the first one is more flat. When we deal with a plastic inner-sole it feels completely different. 

Last but not least: the new cute Katya - the model that was introduced in 2020. This one is built on the initial 2007 last (remember? the most tapered one), but has a more pliable shank and a 3/4 sole, and is covered with a stiff canvas fabric instead of satin.  




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