Which are the First Grishko Pointe-shoes?
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First Pointe-shoes by Grishko

Grishko company, except for its wide range of pointe shoes, which fit almost every type of feet, it also offers three models of demi pointe shoes or, in other words,  soft blocks! These are pointe shoes, with a soft sole, so as to help you be prepared for the "hard" ones:

Exam, Alice and Novice.


What models of preparative pointe-shoes (demi pointes) does Grishko offer?

In order to get ready for pointe shoes in the best possible way Grishko offers the following "steps":

1. Exam

Exam подготовительные пуанты

It has an absolutely soft shank – almost like ballet flats–and a hard, lowered box. You can exercise in them instead of ballet flats but without getting en pointe. At the barre, however, your feet start working just like you are wearing pointe shoes, which gives you an absolutely different feeling. About half a year before getting en pointe, it is a great help to exercise in demis if your dance teacher approves it so!


2. Alice

Alice подготовительные пуанты

The shank is harder in this model; you can go en pointe at the barre and make only very simple moves. "Alice" is considered to be a model specially made for children. That’s why it has a nice and soft fabric inside. It only comes up to the size 4 UK/35 EUR size.



3. Novice

Novice подготовительные пуанты

Almost proper pointe-shoes. They already have an SS shank- stamp on their sole. You can do all the barre exercises and simple ones in the centre.





Unfortunately, all these 3 models are manufactured only in the Grishko2007 last. Beforehand, you could order Exam and Novice in any basic Grishko's last and there was sense in that, since someone usually wears the first pointe shoes without pads, so it would be great to wear them with comfort.

 Have a look at Grishko's best seller "Grishko 2007", but also check some other significant models: "Fouette", "Maya II and Elite".

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