With or without pads - What's better?
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With or without pads - What's better?

It’s been a while since we wrote about pads, so we’ve received a lot of questions from our followers – the questions were formed in many different ways but all of them had one meaning:

“What kind of pads do you recommend?”

“Is it possible not to use pads at all?”

“Which ones are the best?”

I’ll do my best to answer all the questions mentioned above.

Here are a few tips! Pads serve the following purposes:

1) To protect a foot from friction with the rough inner surface of a ballet shoe (just like when you buy new shoes, you probably put on capron socks – they solve approximately the same problem),

2) To provide cushioning and to protect skeleton and ligaments from bumps. Imagine the easiest mountings, rollings, bourree – there is quite a bump in these movements, isn’t there?

3) To fill in empty spaces in a ballet shoe box in order to avoid distortion of a shoe box and foot deformation.
I know that there is a great number of dancers and dance instructors who think that pads were created by cowards. They are right only in relation to the purpose number 1: it’s true that with time the skin on your foot gets used to friction in uncommon places, your knuckles start having hard bunions so friction in your pointe shoes no longer disturbs you.

do i wear pointe shoes with or without pads?

However cushioning is very important both for cowards and brave ones. If someone has a different opinion why don’t you try roller-skating in the street...

Generally in order to serve purpose number 2 it is enough to use tiny silicone “drops” that go into the bottom of the box.

However, they don’t fix very well inside a pointe shoe box and then get lost in your bag…
Traditional pads in the form a toecap, with elongated sides, are much more comfortable and serve purpose number 3 just great.

In my opinion the best cushioning is provided by silicone pads – thanks to their width and adhesive “rubber” material.

However many silicone pads don’t serve purpose number 1 as good as gel and sponge ones and can get you serious blisters.
That’s why they are not in favour of those who don’t like them :)))

is silicone toe pads better on pointe?

Well, that’s about it….If you still have questions about pads, let me know in the comments below!
Let me know what pads fit you most!

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