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NEW ‒46% Summer Leotard 65 EUR 35 EUR
Summer Leotard
An one-of-a-kind summer leotard- swimsuit. Ideal for the ballet class and swimming in the sea / pool due to the excellent quality ...
NEW ‒46% Sweets Leotard 65 EUR 35 EUR
Sweets Leotard
Leotard- swimsuit in white color with designs of donuts, ice cream and macaroons to whet your appetite both at the beach and in ...
NEW ‒46% Unicorn Leotard 65 EUR 35 EUR
Unicorn Leotard
If you are a fan of fairy tales, rainbows and candies, then you have found the perfect leotard for you! Having all things ...
Are you a vegan and you hate products made from leather materials? Then, we have the solution for you!! Due to the rise of ...
Gift Voucher 100 EUR
Gift Voucher
This Gift Voucher by Bestpointe is the perfect solution for those who want to make a present to their beloved dancers and they ...
NEW Co-ord Set 130 EUR
Co-ord Set
Set of sweatshirts and pants. Not only suitable for ballet but also for exercise and your walk. Available in 2 colors: ...
NEW Sport Dress 65 EUR
Sport Dress
Sweet & Snob Sweatshirt. This Sweet & Snob sweatshirt dress is great for your ballet class, gym and walks! Colors: Pink
‒25% 12 EUR 9 EUR
"Ballerina" Necklace with Birthday Card
Wish "happy birthday" to someone who loves ballet with this beautiful golden ballerina necklace along with a birthday card. The ...
"Tutu" Necklace
Necklace with silver "tutu dress" that you can adjust to your neck size. Ideal for gift!
NEW Big Ballerina Necklace 5 EUR
Big Ballerina Necklace
Simple and stylish necklace with a silver ballerina figure. Ideal for a gift, and for you as an accessory for your summer looks.
"Pointe Shoe" Necklace
A simple and elegant way to show the whole world how much you love ballet. The pendant with the silver pair of pointe shoes on a ...
‒25% Pointe Shoes Necklace with Rhinestones 8 EUR 6 EUR
Pointe Shoes Necklace with Rhinestones
Beautiful pointe shoes necklace with rhinestones. You can adjust its length. Colors according to availability.
‒20% Ballerina Necklace with Colored Crystals 10 EUR 8 EUR
Ballerina Necklace with Colored Crystals
Unique silver ballerina necklace with colored crystals. You can adjust it to your neck size.