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Capezio 70.7 USD Special order
These tap shoes feature a great quality broken-in leather upper and heel taps mounted on steel sprung sounding boards. There is ...
Capezio 82.5 USD Special order
Men's Oxford Character Shoes
This men’s character oxford features a PU upper and leather sole construction. With a padded heel topline for comfort, this ...
Capezio 94.3 USD Special order
Character Shoes 550
This classic character shoe has has a quality full-grain leather upper with folded edges and a padded insole with 'arch ...
Capezio 70.7 USD Special order
Character Shoes 550
Classic character shoe that features a soft upper with elegant, clean lines and a supportive “arch cookie” for ...
Capezio 46.0 USD
Women's Camisole Leotard with BraTek
This classic style camisole leotard has BraTek support system. It features a unique bra liner partially attached for freedom ...
Capezio 41.3 USD
Women's Transition Leotard
Classic style camisole leotard with transition back straps. This timeless piece gets a makeover which makes it even more ...
Capezio 42.4 USD
Women's Camisole Leotard with Criss Cross Straps
Camisole leotard with criss cross back straps. It features a modest scoop front with a self fabric self bra for extra support, ...
Capezio 35.4 USD
Women's Camisole Leotard with belt
Classic camisole leotard with coordinating removable belt. This, all time favourite, spaghetti strap leotard features a thin ...
Capezio 41.3 USD
Women's Long Sleeve Leotard
This long sleeve leotard features a very low V-Back and low neckline. Classic and elegant for those who find beauty in ...
Capezio 41.3 USD
Women's Adjustable Strap Camisole Leotard
Classic camisole leotard with adjustable straps. Everyone's favourite dance leotard features adjustable camisole shoulder straps ...
Capezio 41.3 USD
Women's XV back Camisole Leotard
This beautiful camisole leotard features thin double straps at front and a stunning XV strap back design. It has fabric shelf bra ...
Capezio 41.3 USD
Women's Boatneck Leotard
This very elegant boat neck leotard features wide straps, a low back and double layer of fabric at the front. It has the "English ...
Capezio 41.3 USD
Women's Lattice-Back Camisole Leotard
Excellent designed camisole leotard that features double strap at the front and a lattice back. It has a V neck line, a fabric ...
Capezio 41.3 USD
Women's String-Back Leotard
Classic and essential camisole leotard that features delicate lace crossover back detailing. Modest neck and leg line and low ...
Capezio 41.3 USD
Women's Camisole Leotard with criss-cross straps
Double strap camisole leotard that features a mid double criss cross back and shelf bra lining. A feminine, beautifully cut ...