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NEW Sports Bra 18 EUR
Sports Bra
Sports Bra with suspenders by Capezio. Material:  91% polyamide, 9% elastane  
NEW Jazz Pants 27 EUR
Jazz Pants
Italian, stylish jazz pants, suitable for lessons and performance. Color: Available in Black.  
Women's Seamless Shorts 15 EUR
Women's Seamless Shorts
Classic and essential pair of seamless shorts. A nice dance accessory, when worn over a leotard or tights, it allows ease of ...
Convertible Ballet Tights 13 EUR
Convertible Ballet Tights
Convertible ballet tights, 40 Deniers. Classic and essential.  Material: Microfiber
Legwarmers 28cm 14 EUR
Legwarmers 28cm
Legwarmers, 28cm long. Keep your feet and ankles warm and stay stylish with those classic leg warmers. Material: 70% wool, 30% ...
Women's Footless Dance Tights 13 EUR
Women's Footless Dance Tights
Footless dance tights, 60 Deniers. Colors: Available in Black and Nude Material: 85%polyamide,15%elastan  
Convertible Ballet Tights 60 Den 15 EUR
Convertible Ballet Tights 60 Den
Convertible 60 Denier Ballet Tights. Suitable for ballet practice, rehearsals and performance.  Material: Microfiber ...
Kids' Ballet Tights 11 EUR
Kids' Ballet Tights
Classic, footed ballet tights for kids.  Colors: Available in Pink. Material:  85% Nylon/15% Lycra
Women's Ballet Tights 12 EUR
Women's Ballet Tights
Essential footed ballet tights, 40 Deniers. Super comfortable and classic.  Colors: Available in Pink Material:  85% ...
‒48% Professional Fishnet Tights with Sole 25 EUR 13 EUR
Professional Fishnet Tights with Sole
Professional fishnet tights with microfiber insole. Suitable for latin dances and performance. Material:  80% Nylon/20% ...
Legwarmers 70cm 22 EUR
Legwarmers 70cm
Legwarmers, 70cm long. Keep those ballet legs warm and stay stylish with those essential leg warmers! Available in Black ...