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Welcome to ballet shop catalog!

We have carefully selected the best pointe shoes, accesories, dancewear and other dance essentials, by best worldwide brands. We have created a detailed filter system and wrote detailed descriptions for each of our items, so you can easily make your choice. If you need a pointe shoe fitting advice or a size suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us



NEW RC10 by R-Class 85 EUR
RC10 by R-Class
This is the most tapered model, with a small platform and a medium box and crown. It also has a medium arch and a narrow heel. It ...
NEW RC20 by R-Class 85 EUR
RC20 by R-Class
This model is less tapered than the RC1, with a medium platform, box, crown and heel. It also has a low arch. It has a U-cut with ...
NEW RC30 by R-Class 85 EUR
RC30 by R-Class
This model is least tapered of the RC1 and RC2. It has a wide platform, heel and a large box. The crown and arch are medium. ...
NEW RC40 by R-Class 85 EUR
RC40 by R-Class
This model helps you to practice toe techniques effeciently. It has a medium platform, arch, heel and box. It also has a ...
NEW RC60 by R-Class 85 EUR
RC60 by R-Class
This model is narrow and medium tapered with a high profile. The default shoe, RC-60, has a U-cut vamp with drawstrings. Yet, it ...
NEW RC70 by R-Class 85 EUR
RC70 by R-Class
The 7th model is the most full and square of the collection. It has a wide platform and a large box which would slightly ...
NEW RC80 by R-class 85 EUR
RC80 by R-class
The RC-80 is for those kinds of feet that are considered as “diamond”. The platform is quite small and the box has ...
Pointe Shoes Cambre Broad Toe by Capezio 67 EUR Special order
Pointe Shoes Cambre Broad Toe by Capezio
The shoe provides great support from the box and the high wings. The 1/2 shank has two options: hard (1129W #4) and medium (1127W ...
Pointe Shoe Keychain 5 EUR
Pointe Shoe Keychain
This cute pointe shoe keychain is an ideal gift for a dancer or anyone who loves ballet. It comes in a range of pretty colours ...
Mini Pointes Shoes 7 EUR
Mini Pointes Shoes
A pair of adorable, souvenir, mini, Grishko pointe shoes in many colors. Length:  6 cm.
NEW Gel Toe Cushion Tube 14 EUR
Gel Toe Cushion Tube
Gel toe caps with fabric overlay by Tech-Dance. The cap absorbs vibration and provides protection for the nails and relief from ...
NEW Rosin Powder 8 EUR
Rosin Powder
Rosin in the form of powder by Tech-Dance. It is used in the platform of the pointe shoes, in order not to slip in the floor when ...