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Welcome to ballet shop catalog!

We have carefully selected the best pointe shoes, accesories, dancewear and other dance essentials, by best worldwide brands. We have created a detailed filter system and wrote detailed descriptions for each of our items, so you can easily make your choice. If you need a pointe shoe fitting advice or a size suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact us



NEW RC-10 70 EUR
This is the most tapered model of the RC-collection. Special Characteristics: Narrow and low tapered box with a small platform ...
NEW RC-20 70 EUR
This model is less tapered than the RC1. Special Characteristics: Tapered box, a medium/ wide platform, crown and low heel. It ...
NEW RC-30 70 EUR
This model is the least tapered of the RC1 and RC2, since the box is wider and with more space. Special Characteristics: It has a ...
NEW RC-40 70 EUR
This model is the ''universal'' one of the RC collection, since it fits almost every type of feet shapes. It helps you to ...
NEW RC-60 70 EUR
Special Characteristics: This model is narrow and medium tapered with a high profile. The default shoe, RC-60, has a U-cut vamp ...
NEW RC-70 70 EUR
The 7th model is the most full and square of the collection. Special Characteristics: It has a wide platform and a large box ...
NEW RC-80 70 EUR
The RC-80 is for those kind of feet that are considered as “diamond”. The box opens a lot on the sides, and then ...
NEW JW-AL 70 EUR Special order
The only R-class model which is not pre-arched. This is good for dancers who have a flatted foot or lower breaking arch. As often ...
JW-F (First Pointe) 67 EUR Special order
JW-F (First Pointe)
JW-F are first pointe shoes. First pointe shoes can be made in all 4 models of the JW collection (JW-R, JW- S, JW- T, JW- AL). JW ...
NEW JW-R 70 EUR Special order
The most famous model of Jewels Collection by R-class. JW-R's platform is wide and squared off at the edges, providing the dancer ...
NEW JW-S 70 EUR Special order
R-class' most tapered and narrow shoe. This model is graded on a different scale in the width of the shoes to accommodate very ...
NEW JW-T (Topaz) 70 EUR Special order
JW-T (Topaz)
The most rare model of Jewels Collection by R-class. JW-T is similar to JW-R but has a higher vamp and wings. Best fit: ...
NEW SL-BR 70 EUR Special order
The SL-BR is a “universal’ model which can fit a wide range of foot shapes. Best fit: "diamond" feet Special ...
NEW SL-EE 70 EUR Special order
Special Characteristics: The SL-EE pointe shoe accommodates a moderately tapered toe structure and slightly opens at the wings to ...
NEW SL-L 70 EUR Special order
SL-L shoe is perfect for the "rectangular" feet, with even toes and metatarsals of about the same width. This is a ...