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Accessories 12.5 USD
Case for Pointe Shoes
Case to keep your pointe and soft ballet shoes safe. Now available only in Yellow and Red!  Size: 31 х 8 х 8 см ...
Accessories 15.1 USD
Pointe Shoe Case
This Tendu pointe bag is a strong protective shoe case which has breathable mesh side panels to allow your pointe or soft ballet ...
Accessories 46.3 USD
Attachable Arch Enhancer
The attachable arch enhancer is a sock with a stitched in “pocket” having a special inner pad made of medically ...
Accessories 20.9 USD
Grishko Carpet
A lovely carpet with Grishko logo and ballerina figures on it. Great choice for a gift to anyone who loves ballet! Material: 50% ...
NEW Accessories 45.2 USD Special order
Wool Ballet Socks
Keep your ballet feet warm and stylish with this gorgeous pair of handmade slipper socks! They are created especially for the ...
NEW Accessories 16.2 USD
Silicone Pads Elegant
One of the most famous type of pointe shoe's silicone pads. They protect the toes from pressure, friction and vibration. They ...
NEW Accessories 16.2 USD
Gel Toe Separator
This gel toe separator by Techdance will help you reduce bunion foot pain and and relieve rubbing between toes. It is a ...
NEW Accessories 8.1 USD
Gel Cone Protection
These gel toe tubes by Techdance is for every dancer who wants to protect his toes, feel comfortable and also feel the pointe ...
NEW Accessories 13.9 USD
Tailor's Bunion Protector
This pair of tailor's bunion protector by Techdance is perfect for dancers who have pains in their small toe when they are en ...
Accessories 30.1 USD
Student Toe Pad (Large)
This pair of toe pads by Tendu are perfect for dancers with large foot size. A gel pouch covered with cotton fabric to protect ...
NEW Accessories 9.3 USD
Tiny Toe Tubes
These tiny toe tubes by Tendu is for every dancer who wants to protect his toes, feel comfortable and also feel the shoe. Hand- ...
NEW Accessories 11.6 USD
Gel Toe Cap Large
These stretchy gel lined cap by Tendu is specially made to provide a soft protection to the big toe and nail. Each dancer may cut ...
Accessories 8.1 USD
Grishko Bag
A stylish handbag made of eco-friendly, non-woven fabric with Grishko's logo. Recyclable.
NEW Accessories 16.2 USD
Gel Toe Cushion Tube
Gel toe caps with fabric overlay. The cap absorbs vibration and provides protection for the nails and relief from calluses ...
NEW Accessories 13.9 USD
Toe Cap Protector with Silicone Spreader
The elastic "cap" ,covered with cloth, protects the big toe and at the same time stabilizes the silicone separator that ...