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Accessories 9.5 USD
Tendu soft animal wool for pointe shoes 25g
Extra soft animal wool to make your pointe shoes more comfortable. It is used for the protection of your toes inside your Pointe ...
Accessories 5.9 USD
Mini silicone toe pads
Tiny and unobtrusive, Grishko mini toe pads can be placed accurately inside the shoe and give the toes more comfort. They are ...
Accessories 11.8 USD
Tendu Rock Rosin, 125gr
Rock Rosin helps for greater grip on the dance floor before pointe work. Use it to avoid unfortunate stage slips!
Accessories 17.8 USD
Satin Ribbon with Elastic Insert
A special insert made of both soft and very resilient elastic is sewn to the classic satin pointe shoe ribbon. The well thought ...
Accessories 4.7 USD
Pointe Shoe Caps
Suede pointe shoe caps in beige colour, made of natural leather. They protect the toes and have a soundproof and anti-slip ...
Accessories 5.9 USD
Pointe Shoe Overlays
Irreplaceable accessory for lovers of practicality – pointe shoe overlays. They are made of natural leather and have a ...
Accessories 128.0 USD
Cotton Pointe Shoe Ribbon in a roll
Double sided cotton ribbon for pointe shoes. 50 meters per pack. Width - 25 mm.
Accessories 116.1 USD
Elastic ribbon in roll, 28mm
Transparent ribbons that are not visible on the tights, 50m in a roll. A very useful pointe shoe accessory. Width=28mm
Accessories 16.6 USD
Bunion Pad Toe Spreader
This bunion pad toe spreader will reduce and relief instantly any discomfort and pains caused by bunions. It's easy to use, ...
Accessories 8.3 USD
Silicone Toe Cap
This silicone toe cap will reduce the daily discomfort of bunion and hammer toe pain. It helps you protect against pain of your ...
Accessories 15.4 USD
Big Toe Spreader
This silicone toe separator will help you reduce bunion foot pain and and relieve rubbing between toes. It is a ...
Accessories 8.3 USD
Gel Toe Separator "Drop"
Gently divide crooked, overlapping toes with gel toe separators. These soft cushions are designed to conform your toes, to ...
Accessories 7.1 USD
Grishko Bag
Beige colour bag with legs in pointe shoes design. 
Accessories 33.2 USD
Senior Ballet Bag
This bag is ideal for dancers who like lots of pockets in their dance bags.  Comes in Black with Silver Dancer design and ...
NEW Accessories 5.3 USD
Tendu pointe shoe bag
This Tendu pointe bag is made by breathable mesh fabric to allow your pointe or soft ballet shoes to dry out properly after and ...