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Breathable Pointe Shoe Case 13
Breathable Pointe Shoe Case
This Tendu pointe shoe bag is a strong protective shoe case which has breathable mesh side panels to allow your pointe or soft ...
Case for Pointe Shoes 12
Case for Pointe Shoes
Case to keep your pointe and soft ballet shoes safe by Grishko. It features two little holes at the side panels to allow ...
Senior Ballet Bag 28
Senior Ballet Bag
This bag is ideal for dancers who like lots of pockets in their dance bags. Stylish and perfect for storing all your dance ...
NEW Dance Bag 15
Dance Bag
This large Capezio sports bag is perfect for storing and carrying all your dance items conveniently. Available in dark grey ...
NEW Make-up Bag 12
Make-up Bag
A stylish make-up bag by Capezio. This is the perfect way to keep all your make-up and dance accessories in just one place. ...
NEW Smart Bag 45
Smart Bag
A versatile, stylish backpack by Tendu. The backpack is perfectly made to keep your dance essentials organised. Several pockets ...
NEW Pointe Shoe Bag 4.5
Pointe Shoe Bag
This pointe shoe bag by Tendu is made of breathable mesh fabric to allow your pointe shoes or soft ballet shoes to dry out ...
Bagpack Classic 42
Bagpack Classic
A stylish backpack bag by Grishko. It features a subtle Grishko logo on it. Available only in black. Material: 100% Polyester ...
Travelling bag 48
Travelling bag
Travelling bag by Grishko. It features subtle Grishko logo on it. Suitable to store your ballet essentials in long journeys. ...