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Hair Accessories

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Bun Net- 3 Pack 3 EUR
Bun Net- 3 Pack
Bun net by Tendu. Three pieces in a pack. Colors: Black, Blonde and Brown
Super Pins 3 EUR
Super Pins
Super strong pins by Tendu. You may only need 1 pin for every 2-3 normal pins.  12 pieces per package! Colors: Black, Blonde ...
Grippy Grips 3 EUR
Grippy Grips
Waved grippy grips by Tendu. Very strong for keeping your hair in ballet steady. 25 pieces per package. Colors: Black, Blonde and ...
NEW Knitted Handmade Hairband 10 EUR
Knitted Handmade Hairband
A beautiful handmade knitted hairband by TANOK. It keeps you warm during ballet lessons. Care: All TANOK products are made from ...
NEW Handmade Bun Net 5 EUR
Handmade Bun Net
A beautiful handmade bun net for our little ballerinas by TANOK. It is an elegant accessory for the ballet lesson for our ...
NEW Knitted Hairband for Kids 12 EUR
Knitted Hairband for Kids
A beautiful handmade hairband for our little ballerinas by TANOK. It is an elegant and warm accessory for the ballet lesson for ...
Ballet Bun Accessory 8 EUR
Ballet Bun Accessory
A stylish and easy-to-use hair clipper that will help keep your ballet bun stable. Available only in black.