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‒15% Deals% 111.1 USD 94.4 USD
The Pavlova pointe shoes by Siberian Swan is a great fit for dancers with tapered feet (both Egyptian and Greek types). They have ...
‒15% Deals% 111.1 USD 94.4 USD
The Karsavina pointe shoes by Siberian Swan is a great fit for dancers with Roman (square) feet. They have a ...
‒20% Deals% 50.3 USD 40.3 USD
Attachable Arch Enhancer
The attachable arch enhancer is a sock with a stitched in “pocket” having a special inner pad made of medically ...
‒20% Deals% 37.7 USD 30.2 USD
Pirouette Wood Board
This 100% handmade and eco-friendly item will become your essential tool for improving pirouette technique, practicing the ...
‒20% Deals% 44.0 USD 35.2 USD
Tendu Stretch Loop
Seamless and strong purple strech loop. A continuous loop for hands-free stretching, Long enough to suit most average height ...
‒20% Deals% 12.6 USD 10.1 USD
Tendu Latex Exercise Band
These latex resistance bands are used by dancers of all levels to target specific areas of the body that need ...
‒20% Deals% 17.6 USD 14.1 USD
Resistance elastic band
Rubber strengthening resistance elastic band. Can be used to strengthen the whole body. Using this band you can get longer ...
‒20% Deals% 81.8 USD 65.4 USD
Arch Exerciser Device
This arch exerciser device strengthens your foot arch and toes. It will gives relief from sore feet by ...
‒20% Deals% 7.5 USD 6.0 USD
Massage ball
The massage ball is designed to massage muscles, stimulate circulation and relieve tension. This robust massage ball ...
‒20% Deals% 27.7 USD 22.1 USD
Wooden Balance Board
The Wooden Balance Board is designed to improve ankle control, balance and core stability. Use the Board for rehabilitation ...
‒20% Deals% 90.6 USD 72.3 USD
Set for adult ballet beginners
If you are a ballet beginner and you are not quite sure what to wear in your first class or if you just need a brand new ballet ...
‒20% Deals% 84.3 USD 67.3 USD
Basic Kids Ballet Beginner Set
In this set you will find everything a little girl will need for her first ballet classes. This beautiful set includes: a pink ...
‒20% Deals% 135.9 USD 108.7 USD
"My first pointe shoes" set
If you are excited and ready to buy your very first pointe shoes or if you need new pointe shoes, we are here for you with an ...
‒20% Deals% 12.6 USD 10.1 USD
Tendu Rock Rosin, 125gr
Rock Rosin helps for greater grip on the dance floor before pointe work. Use it to avoid unfortunate stage slips!
NEW ‒20% Deals% 15.1 USD 12.1 USD Special order
Tendu exercise ball
This small exercise ball by Tendu is an excellent tool for muscle strengthening. Comes deflated with a user guide for ...