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NEW ‒40% Women's Camisole Leotard with Adjustable Straps 33 EUR 19.8 EUR
Women's Camisole Leotard with Adjustable Straps
Basic, cami-styled leotard by Capezio. The Adjustable straps ensure a custom fit and are perfect for any body types. Double ...
NEW ‒40% Mandala Leotard 70 EUR 42 EUR
Mandala Leotard
A wonderful leotard- swimsuit in black color with a mandala design at the front and back. You may wear it both in a ballet class ...
NEW ‒40% Unicorn Leotard 65 EUR 39 EUR
Unicorn Leotard
If you are a fan of fairy tales, rainbows and candies, then you have found the perfect leotard for you! Having all things ...
NEW ‒40% Sweets Leotard 65 EUR 39 EUR
Sweets Leotard
Leotard- swimsuit in white color with designs of donuts, ice cream and macaroons to whet your appetite both at the beach and in ...
NEW ‒40% Summer Leotard 65 EUR 39 EUR
Summer Leotard
An one-of-a-kind summer leotard- swimsuit. Ideal for the ballet class and swimming in the sea / pool due to the excellent quality ...
‒30% Leotard with Mesh Skirt 50 EUR 35 EUR
Leotard with Mesh Skirt
Camisole, chiffon skirted leotard by Capezio. This beautiful dress features a low back with adjustable straps and an ...