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NEW T-shirt Dress 55
T-shirt Dress
A unique, ecological, short-sleeved dress from high quality fabrics of big fashion houses. Ideal for summer as it keeps you cool ...
NEW Handmade Knitted Shawl 60
Handmade Knitted Shawl
A very nice and soft microfiber silk shawl by Tanok. Ideal for flamenco lessons, character dance, theatre and more. It can also ...
NEW ‒40% Vaganova T(each)-Shirt: Tour en dehors 25 15
Vaganova T(each)-Shirt: Tour en dehors
Unisex Vaganova T(each)-shirt. This amazing and unique T-shirt, teaches you how to successfully do a "Tour en Dehors"! Relaxed ...
NEW ‒40% Siberian Swan Logo T-Shirt 25 15
Siberian Swan Logo T-Shirt
A stylish 100% cotton T-shirt with printed Siberian Swan logo. Great for dance classes and for casual wear.  ...
NEW Siberian Swan Logo Sweatshirt 45
Siberian Swan Logo Sweatshirt
A classic sweatshirt with the Siberian Swan logo. Great for dance classes, warm up and casual wear.  Colors: Black and ...
NEW Sport Dress 65
Sport Dress
Sweet & Snob Sweatshirt. This Sweet & Snob sweatshirt dress is great for your ballet class, gym and walks! Colors: Pink
Women's Footless Dance Tights 13
Women's Footless Dance Tights
Footless dance tights, 60 Deniers. Colors: Available in Black and Nude Material: 85%polyamide,15%elastan  
NEW Handmade Knitted Short Pants 65
Handmade Knitted Short Pants
This short knitted pants by Tanok is suitable to warm your muscles up in the dance lesson. Made from merino yarns, which is very ...
NEW Co-ord Set 130
Co-ord Set
Set of sweatshirts and pants. Not only suitable for ballet but also for exercise and your walk. Available in 2 colors: ...
NEW ‒31% Women's Leggings with Net 26 18
Women's Leggings with Net
Italian, stylish leggings for women with net. Colors: Available in Black. Contact us about the availability