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Summer Wear

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NEW ‒40% Mandala Leotard 70 42
Mandala Leotard
A wonderful leotard- swimsuit in black color with a mandala design at the front and back. You may wear it both in a ballet class ...
NEW ‒40% Unicorn Leotard 65 39
Unicorn Leotard
If you are a fan of fairy tales, rainbows and candies, then you have found the perfect leotard for you! Having all things ...
NEW ‒40% Sweets Leotard 65 39
Sweets Leotard
Leotard- swimsuit in white color with designs of donuts, ice cream and macaroons to whet your appetite both at the beach and in ...
NEW ‒40% Summer Leotard 65 39
Summer Leotard
An one-of-a-kind summer leotard- swimsuit. Ideal for the ballet class and swimming in the sea / pool due to the excellent quality ...
NEW Summer Hat 20
Summer Hat
A wonderful, stylish and cool hat for the beach and your everyday walks! Size: one size Colors:  White, Light Blue, Blue, ...
NEW Handmade Knitted Skirt 28
Handmade Knitted Skirt
Special handmade knitted dance skirt you can find exclusively here at Bestpointe by Tanok! Made with love for all the dancers ...
NEW Summer Dress 70
Summer Dress
A unique ecological dress from high quality fabrics of big fashion houses. Ideal for summer as it keeps you cool and stylish. It ...