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The Karsavina pointe shoes by Siberian Swan is a great fit for dancers with Roman (square) feet. They have a wide platform and a medium-height roomy box with a V-cut vamp. The four widths range from medium-narrow (X) to very wide (XXXX).

Special Characteristics:

The shoe's platform and shank is a single unit made of engineered plastic that ensures durability. The three basic choices of the shank are: soft (S) that will fit the beginners and weaker feet, medium (M) that is flexible for the easier roll-through yet provides enough support, and hard (H) for maximum support and strong feet.

The patented Active Arch Support is located in the middle of the shank underneath the heel where it provides additional support while on pointe. It reduces the pressure on the toes and adds stability, and also flatters the dancer's arch. The Siberian Swan sole does not require the sole break-in.


The box of the shoe is made of standard (non-plastic) materials and adjusts easily to dancer's unique feet shape. Its lower part is enforced with additional glue for durability and has padding on the platform to reduce noise. 

The upper layer of the shoe is a matte cloth, which is woven specifically for the needs of the Siberian Swan and is processed to gain anti-skid features and special resistance to friction on the floor. 

The Siberian Swan pointe shoes are processed with an extract of Siberian cedar that has antimicrobial action, fights the fungi and gives the shoe a unique scent.

The shoe has elastic drawstrings, pre-attached wide elastics and comes with a matching set of cotton ribbons (2m).

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Impressions of our customers ()
These are the most comfortable pointe shoes I have ever worn, there’s no feeling of balancing on a beam when standing flat and the insides are beautifully padded. I have very wide feet and all other pointe shoes I’ve tried make them look big, square and chunky. However these shoes are sleek and elegant and give me a beautioline that I’ve never had before!
Siberian Swan Karsavina pointe shoes are of exceptional quality. I would recommend them especially to dancers with wide forefeet. They are very supportive «en pointe», but at the same time very light and quiet on stage. Karsavinas are also the perfect choice for dancers looking for a durable and comfortable shoe.