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Choose your dance style - and we will help you choose the right shoes!

At, we offer great collection of shoes for almost all the dance styles. Of course, pointe shoes and ballet slippers are our best sellers but if you are into another dance style, take a look at our collection of jazz, tap, character or lyrical shoes!  


Male Pointe Shoes 115 EUR Special order
Male Pointe Shoes
Male pointe shoes are still something rare and outstanding - and of course not because men cannot do this. On the contrary, ...
The only Russian Pointe model which is not pre-arched. This is good for dancers who have a flatter foot or lower breaking arch as ...
POLETTE by R-Class 75 EUR
POLETTE by R-Class
The Polette model is recommended for feet with “disappearing heel”. It has a broad and stable platform and a roomy ...
ANIMA by R-Class 75 EUR
ANIMA by R-Class
The model "ANIMA" from the Classic Collection by R-class, reminds us of the traditional "Bolsoi style" pointe shoes: narrow toe ...
BONBE by R-Class 75 EUR
BONBE by R-Class
The model "BONBE" from the Classic Collection by R-class, is a good choice for dancers with high arches: slightly tapered, ...
CELESTA by R-Class 75 EUR
CELESTA by R-Class
The model "CELESTA" from the Classic Collection by R-class, is an elegant model, very tapered, which opens at the metatarsal ...
DOLCE by R-Class 75 EUR
DOLCE by R-Class
The model "DOLCE" from the Classic Collection by R-class, is a great choice for wide feet (square or slightly tapered feet ...
ELEGANCE by R-Class 75 EUR
The "ELEGANCE" is a pre-arched model, with rather spacious meduim, slightly tapered box with medium crown.  Slightly ...
GRANDE by R-Class 75 EUR
GRANDE by R-Class
The model "GRANDE" from the Classic Collection by R-class is on of the widest and "squarest" models of the brand - a really nice ...
POLETTE PRO by R-class 75 EUR
POLETTE PRO by R-class
The Polette PRO model is a great solution for those hyperflexible and square feet. It has a shorter s/4 sole which lets the ...
NEW RC10 by R-Class 85 EUR
RC10 by R-Class
This is the most tapered model, with a small platform and a medium box and crown. It also has a medium arch and a narrow heel. It ...
NEW RC20 by R-Class 85 EUR
RC20 by R-Class
This model is less tapered than the RC1, with a medium platform, box, crown and heel. It also has a low arch. It has a U-cut with ...
NEW RC30 by R-Class 85 EUR
RC30 by R-Class
This model is least tapered of the RC1 and RC2. It has a wide platform, heel and a large box. The crown and arch are medium. ...
NEW RC40 by R-Class 85 EUR
RC40 by R-Class
This model helps you to practice toe techniques effeciently. It has a medium platform, arch, heel and box. It also has a ...
NEW RC60 by R-Class 85 EUR
RC60 by R-Class
This model is narrow and medium tapered with a high profile. The default shoe, RC-60, has a U-cut vamp with drawstrings. Yet, it ...