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Dance shoes 4.6 USD
Cotton double faced ribbon, 2m, 24mm
Beige double faced ribbon for your pointe shoes. 100% Polyester Size: 2m long, 24mm wide
Dance shoes 3.5 USD
Elastic ribbon, 1m, 24mm
Beige invisible pointe shoe elastic for subtle and secure wear.  Size: 1m long, 24mm wide
Dance shoes 3.5 USD
Elastic ribbon, 24mm
White, transparent ribbons, that are not visible on the tights, for your pointe shoes. Size: 1m long and 28mm wide
Dance shoes 2.3 USD
Elastic ribbon, 13mm
Thick elastic ribbon to securely wear in your pointe shoes.  Size: 13mm, 1meter
Dance shoes 16.1 USD
Silicone Pads
This toe pads for pointe shoes are made of a special kind of silicone. This is an absolutely new, soft and ecological material, ...
Dance shoes 9.2 USD
Pointe Shoe Pads
The pointe shoe pads are made of ecological synthetic material and are especially designed ...
Dance shoes 20.7 USD
Gel Pads
The cotton gel toe pad is an essential pointe shoe accessory. It is designed with no gel under the foot part so the dancer has ...
NEW Dance shoes 6.9 USD
Tendu Pointe Shoe Glue
The Glue extends the life of your pointe shoe. HOW TO USE: Apply a thin layer of fast drying pointe shoe glue to the toe box ...
NEW Dance shoes 22.5 USD
Tendu Advanced Toe Pads
These high quality advanced toe pads are perfect for dancers who want a good gel padding to protect their toes, while being able ...
Dance shoes 5.8 USD
Tendu microporous tape for pointe shoes
Micropore toe tape to protect sore toes. • 10m roll• 2cm wide 
Dance shoes 10.9 USD
Tendu inlay size changer
Foam inlay for pointe shoes that can be used to change the size of the shoe by a half size.A useful product for ...
Dance shoes 5.8 USD
Single Darning Thread
A ball of Tendu crochet cotton, used for darning pointe shoes. It can be used to protect the ends of Pointe ...
Dance shoes 9.2 USD
Tendu soft animal wool for pointe shoes 25g
Extra soft animal wool to make your pointe shoes more comfortable. It is used for the protection of your toes inside your Pointe ...
Dance shoes 5.8 USD
Mini silicone toe pads
Tiny and unobtrusive, Grishko mini toe pads can be placed accurately inside the shoe and give the toes more comfort. They are ...
Dance shoes 11.5 USD
Tendu Rock Rosin, 125gr
Rock Rosin helps for greater grip on the dance floor before pointe work. Use it to avoid unfortunate stage slips!