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Demi-Pointe shoes (Soft Blocks)

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JW-F (First Pointe) 75 EUR Special order
JW-F (First Pointe)
JW-F are first pointe shoes. First pointe shoes can be made in all 4 models of the JW collection (JW-R, JW- S, JW- T, JW- AL) ...
''Alice'' Demi Pointe Shoes for Kids 53 EUR
''Alice'' Demi Pointe Shoes for Kids
This demi-pointe shoes for kids is the interim solution between the ''Exam'' and the ''Novice'' demi-pointe shoes. It features a ...
''Novice2007'' Demi-pointe Shoes 53 EUR
''Novice2007'' Demi-pointe Shoes
The Novice2007 demi pointe shoes are recommended for beginners that prepare to do pointe work. They are meant to be used after ...
''Exam'' Demi-pointe Shoes 53 EUR
''Exam'' Demi-pointe Shoes
This demi-pointe shoe is the first transition from the soft ballet slipper to the pointe shoe. It is especially developed for ...