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JW Collection by R-class

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The JW collection by R-class is characterized by the new, pleatless technology which makes the platform of these shoes very stable. The sole of the JW models is machine-stitched.

All the below models can be manufactured with a U-cut with drawstring or a V-cut, no drawstring.

There is also a choice of three vamp heights (V1, V2, V3), where the V2 is the default “medium” one. The shanks vary from Soft to Hard and from FS(flexible Soft) to FH (Flexible Hard) which are more pliable due to a special construction of the shanks.


NEW JW-AL by R-Class 85 EUR Special order
JW-AL by R-Class
The only R-class model which is not pre-arched. This is good for dancers who have a flatter foot or lower breaking arch as ...
JW-F (First Pointe) 75 EUR Special order
JW-F (First Pointe)
JW-F are first pointe shoes. First pointe shoes can be made in all 4 models of the JW collection (JW-R, JW- S, JW- T, JW- AL) ...
NEW JW-R by R-Class 85 EUR Special order
JW-R by R-Class
The most famous model of Jewels Collection by R-class. JW-R's platform is wide and squared off at the edges, providing the dancer ...
NEW JW-S by R-Class 85 EUR Special order
JW-S by R-Class
R-class' most tapered and narrow shoe. This model is graded on a different scale in the width of the shoes to accommodate ...
NEW JW-T by R-Class (Topaz) 85 EUR Special order
JW-T by R-Class (Topaz)
The most rare model of Jewels Collection by R-class. JW-T is similar to JW-R but has a higher vamp and wings. ...