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Siberian Swan pointe shoes

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The manufacturer of the Siberian Swan pointe shoes is the State Ballet of Siberia dance company. The company developed, in close collaboration with the dancers themselves, the pointe shoes that they were dreaming of. The Siberian Swan pointe shoes are an amazing combination of the lightness and durability with the best traditions of Russian pointe shoe making. 



Karsavina 95 EUR
The Karsavina pointe shoes by Siberian Swan is a great fit for dancers with Roman (square) feet. They have a ...
Pavlova 95 EUR
The Pavlova pointe shoe by Siberian Swan is a great fit for dancers with tapered feet (both Egyptian and Greek types). They have ...
NEW Rudolf Male Pointe Shoes 120 EUR Special order
Rudolf Male Pointe Shoes
Male Pointe Shoes: The first pointe shoe model specifically designed for men, named "Rudolf"  This unique pointe shoe ...