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‒20% Tools & Tricks 49.8 USD 39.8 USD
Attachable Arch Enhancer
The attachable arch enhancer is a sock with a stitched in “pocket” having a special inner pad made of medically ...
‒20% Tools & Tricks 37.3 USD 29.9 USD
Pirouette Wood Board
This 100% handmade and eco-friendly item will become your essential tool for improving pirouette technique, practicing the ...
‒20% Tools & Tricks 43.5 USD 34.8 USD
Tendu Stretch Loop
Seamless and strong purple strech loop. A continuous loop for hands-free stretching, Long enough to suit most average height ...
‒20% Tools & Tricks 12.4 USD 10.0 USD
Tendu Latex Exercise Band
These latex resistance bands are used by dancers of all levels to target specific areas of the body that need ...
Tools & Tricks 273.7 USD Special order
Wall bracket for wooden bars "ARABESQUE - DOUBLE"
The Arabesque Double is a steel wall bracket suitable for wooden bars with a diameter of 40mm. The Arabesque Double Black has ...
Tools & Tricks 222.7 USD Special order
Wall bracket for wooden bars ''ARABESQUE - SINGLE''
The ARABESQUE-SINGLE is a steel wall bracket suitable for wooden bars with a diameter of 40mm. It has a cylindrical saddle wide ...
Tools & Tricks 110.7 USD Special order
Ballet Wooden Bar 1,5-2-3m
Our bars are made of Southern yellow pinewood, known for its high density. This type of wood gives the bar an excellent ...
Tools & Tricks 236.4 USD
Height adjustable floor mounted ballet bar "ISA-FIX"
The ISA-FIX is a height adjustable, single column support that can sit as low as 79.5cm or as high as 118cm. Unlike other ...
Tools & Tricks 192.8 USD Special order
Floor mounted ballet barre "SIMPLE - FIX"
The SIMPLE-FIX is a floor attached, single column support, standing 103cm tall and designed to hold wooden bars of 40mm ...
Tools & Tricks 423.0 USD
Portable ballet barre "PRIMA" 1,5m or 2m
Available with a 1½m or 2m wooden beam, the PRIMA ballet barre has been created for personal use. It’s suitable for ...
Tools & Tricks 709.1 USD Special order
Height Adjustable Ballet Barre "ISA" 1,5, 2 or 3 m
Available with a 1½, 2 or 3m wooden beam, the ISA height adjustable ballet barre is the perfect choice for both adults ...
Tools & Tricks 982.8 USD Special order
Portable barre 2m or 3m with wheels "PINA"
The PINA is a freestanding ballet barre equipped with two wooden beams. It has wide, flat, steel feet wheels. It can be moved ...
‒20% Tools & Tricks 17.4 USD 13.9 USD
Resistance elastic band
Rubber strengthening resistance elastic band. Can be used to strengthen the whole body. Using this band you can get longer ...
‒20% Tools & Tricks 80.9 USD 64.7 USD
Arch Exerciser Device
This arch exerciser device strengthens your foot arch and toes. It will gives relief from sore feet by ...
‒20% Tools & Tricks 7.5 USD 6.0 USD
Massage ball
The massage ball is designed to massage muscles, stimulate circulation and relieve tension. This robust massage ball ...