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Stretch Loop 35
Stretch Loop
Seamless and strong purple stretch loop. A continuous loop for hands-free stretching, Long enough to suit most average height ...
Latex Exercise Band 10
Latex Exercise Band
These latex resistance bands are used by dancers of all levels to target specific areas of the body that need ...
NEW Arch Exerciser Device 65
Arch Exerciser Device
This arch exerciser device strengthens your foot arch and toes. It will porvide relief from sore feet by strengthening the foot's ...
NEW Foot Exercise Ball 9
Foot Exercise Ball
The Tendu Foot Exercise Ball is a great tool to strengthen the dancer's feet and improve their arches, their dance ...
NEW Foot Roller 10
Foot Roller
This wooden foot roller by Tendu is an exercise tool based on the principles of reflexology. It is perfect for arch ...
NEW Yoga Brick 9
Yoga Brick
Yoga brick by Tendu in purple colour. Length:  22.5 cm Height: 15 cm Width: 7.5 cm