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Pointe-like ballet shoes


If you are acquainted with any 4, 5 ...10 year-old princess, you will understand what I'm talking about.

Pretty much all of them are not only dreaming of becoming a ballerina - no, they actually desire a pair of real pointe shoes!

We receive pointe shoe fitting requests for sweet tiny feet all the time and, the solution had to be found - it was just a matter of time.

Finally today, for the first time and exclusively at BestPointe.com, we are happy to present our “Barbie's Magic Ballet shoes”. They were designed and manufactured in Russia, from shining satin with two fabric ribbons to wrap around a little dancer’s ankle. They come in two gorgeous colors: classic ballet beige and hot "Barbie" pink.

Of course, there's no hard box and there's no shank - so that the girls would not get on toes and injure themselves. But these shoes look like pointe shoes much more than all the average soft ballet shoes! And... they really shine.

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