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Why each Grishko pointe shoes pair is unique and how you can use them...

Have you ever experienced any different feeling while switching from your old pair of pointe shoes to your new one - while the model and the size are exactly the same?
Or - if you are going through numerous pairs of pointe shoes - have you ever had a pair that was more comfortable than all the others?

If yes, here is the explanation. The 100% handmade pointe shoes, like Grishkos, Russian pointe etc - are made by human beings... more particularly, by highly skilled pointe shoe makers. I think, it has to be one of the most rare professional occupations... Each one's job is unique and as a result different, even within standard sizes and models, a shoe can have a little more or less space, or have a slightly different shape and - voila - your feet feel completely different. Why do you have to know that and how can you use this tip? 

You can have your own pointe shoe maker.


I really do not know about other pointe manufacturers, but the Grishkos offer you dancers the opportunity to choose your own favorite maker and have him/her making your pointe shoes especially for you each time. How about that? All you have to do is find out which one of your pairs fitted you better.


Once you find this out, check both shoes, on their wrong side and specifically under the part covered by the edging, as shown in the picture. You will find a hand written code - only on the one side of the one shoe. This is the unique code of this particular pair: it contains information about the model, the pitch, the quality control, and, of course, the shoe maker! Write this code down or take a photo (better).


How to order and how much to pay?


From now on, each time you purchase a pair and give us this code in the comments to your order (for example, "maker 1013GM42F", we will place your order directly to your personal maker! And guess what..there is no extra charge for it! How about starting from your next Grishko pair?

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