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Let us prolong the life of your pointe shoes!

In response to popular demand, we launched a service offering attaching protective elements to your pointe shoes.

Prolong the life of your shoes and retain their excellent appearance... and let do all the "messy work" for you!

How to order?

All you have to do is to select the service you need at when purchasing your pointe shoes. Please keep in mind that the cost of the material is included in the price of the services so you do NOT have to purchase these elements separately!


We will need two working days from the moment of your order to attach the elements and then ship your order as usual.

                             What the Attachable Elements are and why to use them?

    We offer two types of overlays, both made of natural leather with a protective and anti-slide effect.


    The small one is to be attached to the platform to make it sound-proof and more durable (so-called  "caps").




The big one, which looks much like Russian "matryoushka" doll, covers both the platform and the sole, protecting and reinforcing it, too.



Attaching protective elements professionally will considerably extend the life of your favourite pointe shoes. hopes this service will become one more reason to order your pointe shoes from our e-store!

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