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How does BestPointe co-operate with ballet teachers (example)

Meet Isabelle. She is a ballet teacher in Ghent, Belgium.

"Three years ago I ordered my first pair of pointe shoes through BestPointe. At that moment I’ve been dancing for 25 years, of which approximately 16 years on pointes, I believe the first ones were black and bordeaux. Not much time passed before I suddenly had a drawer filled with Grishko’s in all the colors of the rainbow."

how does bestpointe cooperate with dance schools

Isabelle is very caring and devoted to her job - the kind of teacher who would come with her students to their fitting appointments, no matter how much time it takes. The problem is, the ballet store in her city does not offer as large assortment of pointe shoes. If you do not live in one the world's biggest capitals, you probably know what I am talking about.

That's how we established our co-operation.

"At first people hesitated to buy their pointe shoes online. But Inna reassured me that we could always trade them if needed and that persuaded the first dancers to take the step.
We were all very excited to receive the first pointe shoes we ordered based on Inna’s advice.
And luckily the first pointe shoes were a direct match for their new owners. Perfect size and strength of the shoes resulted in comfortable and beautiful dancing on pointes. With the first happy customers amongst different groups in our dance studio, the word began to spread … Soon more orders followed.
As for now about 75% of our dancers use Grishko pointe shoes, of which 95% were bought through"

Isabelle takes measurements of her students herself, to avoid wrong pencil placement or measuring at a wrong point (these are the most frequent reasons a person can be fitted badly). She also describes how strong each student is, what is her age and level, and everything else she considers important for the pointe shoe supplies for your danceschool

Then, our job is to find a great fit for the student and to send the pair to Isabelle's (she also has special prices for our items). Usually, it takes 1-2 weeks to deliver the pair - or 4-5 if we do not have the pair in stock so we would make for her. In the most cases Isabelle and her students are happy with the reasults but when there's any discomfort, we exchange the pair for the right one.


"Inna is always available to give advice when for example dancers are in doubt of choosing another model or a harder or maybe more flexible shank for their next pair. In short: My dancers and I are very satisfied with Bestpointe co-operation!"

Besides her great review, Isabelle granted us a permission to share some of her pictures, too - enjoy and visit our Facebook page for more pictures and reviews!

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