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The Brand-new

A big day for BestPointe – we have launched our new design & platform! After weeks of intense work and long hours of testing, the new is now open for our audience.


Why the change?

The old version was created about two years ago and although we loved its look very much, the functionality of its eCommerce platform was very limited, with new bugs popping up all the time. So we now tried to merge both philosophies: we used Degas artwork as a base of the design as we did before, in combination with a more minimalistic view and navigation.

What's new?

  • The biggest news is that we became a real multi-brand pointe shoe fitters and retailers. Today we can fit you into: Russian PointeGrishkoCapezio, and - our crown jewel - Siberian Swan pointe shoes.
  • For a long time, we were asking our customers, why they prefer our web-store over their local ballet shops and found out which products can be really worth ordering overseas - and why. Today, we managed to find lots of items of that kind and we keep looking for more...
  • We spent even more time creating a really usable e-store catalog so you can easily find these items, among 1000+ products of dozens of brands.
  • And our checkout process has become as easy as 2 clicks!


What stays unchanged?

  • remains a unique place that helps you find your best fitting pointe shoes online. We have also upgraded our fitting form - feel free to complete it again to get a new advice or share it with your friends!
  • We offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING - as always. Although, we had to update the minimum order to $90 (~75€ or 65£), instead of $65 because of the rising rates of our National Post Service. BUT we also decided to offer the Registered Shipping by default - it means that you will be able to track your parcel, worldwide, without any risk and be aware of its current location.
  • We ship from our stock in European Union. The delivery time of a parcel shipped from here is very fair (comparing to Russia, or China, or Hong King).
  • Our BestPointe Blog changed its look but the main idea stays the same: we are going to cover every question you want or need to know about your pointe shoes.   
  • Our newsletter series called "Pointe shoe academy" for beginner pointe users: free e-lessons on how to choose, adjust and take care of the pointe shoes.


We could really use your help!

We will appreciate it so much if you can consider doing any of the below good deeds...
  • Share any feedback about our new look, let us know about any mistake or bug you'll come across. Any suggestions or comments are welcome!
  • Leave comments on our blog, share posts you find useful in the social media.
  • Spread the word about our website, fitting services, and newsletters!

We will be so thrilled to have you our customer and newsletter subscriber! 

Yours, BestPointe team 

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