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V-vamp: a vintage style or a necessity?

Recently, during a pointe shoe fitting webinar, my colleagues and I noticed that the Grishkos once started with the models with a V-vamp box, such as Vaganova and Fouette - and all the newer styles, starting from Grishko2007, have the U-vamp (Triumph, Nova, Dream). Is it a trend? I've heard some customers say that the U-cut has more contemporary look while the V seems "vintage". 

Although there are some feet shapes and pointe-related issues, sometime we just need to switch to a model with a V-vamp, in spite of all the "trend" considerations.

How is it possible to understand if you need a V-vamp, too?

Consider V-vamp if your feet look like this when...

V-vamp pointe shoes...flat to demi-pointe

Your arch is high. Any normal "ballerina" flats are killing you - until you make a decision not to buy this style anymore. But even in your Triumph pointe shoes the pain is the same, right?

is v-vamp better on pointe shoes?...from demi to full pointe

You do not have any painful feelings when you have reached full pointe - maybe it's the most "natural" position when you wear your current pointe shoes.


The basic V-Vamp Grishko models are Vaganova (Maya II) and Fouette (Maya I). If you are not sure, which of the two styles will be a good fit for you - get fitted online with us!

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