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V-vamp: a vintage style or a necessity?

Recently, during a pointe shoe fitting webinar, my colleagues and I noticed that the Grishkos once started with the models with a V-vamp box, such as Vaganova and Fouette - and all the newer styles, starting from Grishko2007, have the U-vamp (Triumph, Nova, Dream). Is it a trend? I've heard some customers say that the U-cut has more contemporary look while the V seems "vintage". 

Although there are some feet shapes and pointe-related issues, sometime we just need to switch to a model with a V-vamp, in spite of all the "trend" considerations.

How is it possible to understand if you need a V-vamp, too?

Consider V-vamp if your feet look like this when...

...flat to demi-pointe

Your arch is high. Any normal "ballerina" flats are killing you - until you make a decision not to buy this style anymore. But even in your Triumph pointe shoes the pain is the same, right?

...from demi to full pointe

You do not have any painful feelings when you have reached full pointe - maybe it's the most "natural" position when you wear your current pointe shoes.


The basic V-Vamp Grishko models are Vaganova (Maya II) and Fouette (Maya I). If you are not sure, which of the two styles will be a good fit for you - get fitted online with us!

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