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Male pointe shoes? Why?

Male pointe shoes are still something rare and outstanding - and of course not because men cannot do this. On the contrary, my guess is that most of the male ballet dancers never thought about getting pointe shoes... and if they did, they could not find their size anywhere.


Dancing en pointe requires the big strength of legs and feet, the refined technique of the movements and good balance. It can help a dancer to develop these abilities.
If a dancer knows the pointe technique, he will understand better, how to get a partner on balance or keep her balance during the turns.
The knowledge and perception of the difficulties and the features of pointe shoes technique will help both partners build better relationship, based on support, mutual understanding and trust.
Some traditional and modern performances simply require from male dancers to work en pointe. Besides that, trying pointe shoe work may, perhaps, express a male dancer's unique style.


The most difficult thing about male pointe shoes is that they are so hard to find.

Besides the unusual size and width, two things one should keep in mind are that:

male dancers often prefer pointe shoes in black or white color.
they should not choose soft shanks or Pro-Flex models even if they are beginners: the soft sole just would not be able to support such a long foot.
About 2% of our customers are male pointe users, and I have a strong feeling that it becomes some kind of fashion (a very sexy one, to be frank). Seems that they sympathise us, too...

"The customer service Inna provided was outstanding! She nailed the size of my first pair of Grishko 2007's. Excellent communication and follow-up and just ordered a colored pair in black. My street shoe is a 10.5 Medium width U.S. and ordered a 9.5XXXXX after I sent out my tracing's of my feet. PERFECT FIT. Thank you!"
- Don, U.S.A.

Get Fitted Right!

It is always difficult to find the suitable size and a good fit for male pointe shoes. At, after a detailed fitting procedure (free as always!), we make this pair as a custom order, in accordance with a customer's measurements and wishes. So, if you know someone who is looking for male pointe shoes, please share this post with them.

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